CD 20, 7 DPO has been an ouchie

Today has been full of ovarian pain and some crampiness. NOW WAIT BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

I refuse, REFUSE, to even labor under the idea that this could be a good sign. I do not want anyone to even MENTION the “I” word. I am not delusional. It is probably still too early for that. Allegedly the most common day for that is 9 DPO.

If anything, the crampiness has made me nervous. CD 21 is the day last cycle that I got my period. Of course, all the CD’s last month were made up where as these are legit, but still. I want to make it through tomorrow without a period. Also next week. Also, another 36 weeks after that. If I bleed while I’m taking prometrium now when two months ago I was BEGGING to bleed after taking prometrium, I am going to cosmically punch someone.

Here’s a question. Why are BOTH of my ovaries hurting? DON’T GET EXCITED. I am also not laboring under the delusion that I ovulated from both sides. I know it was a ever so slight possibility this month, but it’s so uncommon with femara and I am a slacker at all things reproductive, so I’m not even going there. I am slightly concerned that I’m developing a cyst on the side I didn’t ovulate from (probably the left). It’s the side that hurts more. When I got out of the car from going to breakfast with chief’s parents I had some really sudden pain. I don’t know if it was just from standing up or what, but it’s funky. I’ve never had a TWW like this. On Clomid I had a cycle where I had bad AF like cramps. Today I’ve had some light AF like cramps, but mostly it’s just the dang ovarian pain.

But please don’t mistake this for hopeful or fishing for comments like “Oh it’s sounds like (insert forbidden “I” word here)!”. I’m not trying to be negative, but I certainly don’t need to be imagining symptoms that don’t mean anything. Anyone had experiences like this in the TWW? Particularly on medicated cycles?



8 thoughts on “CD 20, 7 DPO has been an ouchie

  1. I’ve always been very crampy on cycles I’ve gotten PG. Just throwing that out there.

    Also, the “I” word can happen earlier than you think. On my last IVF, I got my first positive test (albeit very faint) at 4dp5dt which is 9 dpo. So it obviously had to happen several days before that.

    Sorry that I’m breaking the rules, but you did ask for experience, and that’s been mine…😉

    Keeping everything crossed for you.

  2. Just found your blog and started reading. I have my suspicions of what the I word is but I won’t say it! My husband and I recently started iui and the wait is unbearable. I do have a random question though: I got these weird muscle twitches this month. It was after ovulation, about 3 days after insemination. Has anyone else had that? Not pregnant but wondering if it was the start of something?

  3. The thing (well, one of the many things) that sucks about the TWW is the overanalyzing of every pang and twinge. You just never know what it could mean. What you are feeling could literally mean ANYTHING. It could be gearing up for AF, it could mean something else. There’s just simply no way to know for sure, and yet we all do it – try to read into all those tiny feelings (and google them to death!). It’s part of the insanity of this damned rollercoaster ride. Hang in there!

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