CD 22, 9 DPO

9 DPO.



It’s gettin’ real y’all.

It’s the week of total happiness or abject disappointment. It has arrived.

My trigger shot was a squinter at best on my test yesterday, which means that I should probably forgo testing tomorrow and just wait until 12 DPO (Thursday) when I’ll begin BFP/BFN testing. Testing tomorrow would probably only lead to a few bad things:

1. A BFN, because while I KNOW early BFP’s, really early, are possible and happen, they’re certainly not as common as ones at 12, 13, and 14 DPO.

2. A wasted FRER

3. Two days of anxiety for me waiting for 12 DPO to roll around. If I’m going to be disappointed I think it’s better to just wait.

At this point in my cycle my boobs hurt worse than they ever have (which I think means my progesterone actually came in ON IT’S OWN this cycle, and then I of course have been taking prometrium adding on to it), My ovaries hurt, although they seem to be switching sides on which one hurts the most from day to day, I have light cramps occasionally, I’m bloated, and I burp constantly. Constantly.

Sounds great right? Sounds promising right? Also sounds like PMS right?

TTC is THE WORST. The everliving worst.


9 thoughts on “CD 22, 9 DPO

  1. You are so disciplined! I’m 8dpo, haven’t tested out my trigger, but will be starting my poas-a-thon tomorrow I believe. Even though I am completely aware that it’ll be too early. Hang in there!

  2. I’m a POAS addict, so I am no help here. I always tested out my trigger completely until I got a BFN. This way I knew that any BFP after that was “real.” I usually had my bfn by 7 days after trigger, though. Have you been testing daily? How long after trigger did you o? I’m just asking because yes, everyone metabolizes things differently, but assuming you 0’d 48 hours after trigger, then you’re 11 days past trigger. It really should be gone by now…..keeping everything crossed that in a few days that line is nice, bright, and unmistakeable!

    • I haven’t been testing everyday. I’ve been using FRER’s, so I’ve only been doing every other for money purposes 🙂 and my doctor says that I should ovulate within 36 hours of ovidrel, so that would have been last Saturday (I triggered last Friday at 8:00 am).

      And gosh I hope so too! I’ve gotten so used to seeing a line with the testing out of my trigger that if I see a stark white it’ll be pretty sad.

  3. Oh yes. 9 dpo is basically hell on earth.

    What does your husband say? J heard out RE say to test at 14 dpo, so he intercepted me at 13 dpo and said, “No. We have to be patient and be strong.” Well okay then!

  4. Oh love, I am crossing all of the things! Hoping for a miracle and some pretty pinks! I hate this part of the wait too. It’s right as the cusp of when something might show up on the FRER and it’s literally the worst ever. Praying, love!

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