Of course I couldn’t help myself

And continued with my every two day testing routine this morning. And of course it was negative. 10 dpo.

So now, even though I KNOW it’s early, I’m sad.

If you hold the test at an angle and shine a bright light on it you can maybe see something, but it’s probably just the indent line OR the remainder of my trigger.



10 thoughts on “Of course I couldn’t help myself

  1. Been there. What I typically do next is repeatedly dig the test out of the trash and keep re-examining it every few hours. I’m sick in the head, I tell you! It IS very early. Try again in two days. It’s MUCH more likely to show up then. My first pg was negative at 1o dpo, but positive at 12. Hang in there!

  2. Oh, love, I’ve done exactly this too many times to even count. And it hurts wicked bad each time. But 10dpo is early and a lot changes in a couple days. I’ll be crossing my toes and fingers, honey!

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