Reasons Why Today is Not Good

1. Negative FRER. Expected, but still sucky. Yes, obviously I’ve just decided to throw caution to the wind and test (11 DPO)

2. I had to get up and go to work today. Ick.

3. When i was walking out the door to go to work (while on the phone with my health insurance company, AGAIN) one of my dogs decided to bolt outside and run around the neighborhood terrorizing other dogs in their fences. This is VERY unusual behavior for her. She never does this. Maybe one other time that I can sort of think of, but that’s it. Anyway, when I finally got her back and was trying to shove her in the front door so i could go to work, she started growling at the other dogs and wouldn’t go in. WOULDN’T. GO. IN. So I had to CARRY her (and she’s not small) through the back gate and lock her in our downstairs rec room area with some food and water. i don’t know WHAT’S going on, but I wasn’t going to leave her with the other dogs and worry about a fight all day. All of this is going on with the insurance girl on the phone. Yeesh.

4. Because of carrying said dog, I have white hair all over my NAVY BLUE DRESS.

5.  On the way to work a piece of plywood hit the front of my car and then went under it, and I’m fairly certain it’s messed up my undercarriage. And my insurance says it would count as collision, which carries a $500 deductible.

6. One of the employees didn’t check the schedule correctly and realize that he had a conflict, so I’m working alone tonight.


Apparently I used up all my good day juice yesterday. Ugh.


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