16 DPO, CD 29

So, in a normal world, I would have gotten my period by now or be getting it tomorrow. On medicated cycles I tend to have around a 16 day luteal phase. But I’m extending my progesterone to try and time my next cycle around my RE visit, so yeah. I’m stuck with the sore boobs for a few more days.

I THINK I’m going to take my last progesterone on Thursday night in the hopes that I’ll start my period on Saturday (what a happy weekend gift…). This would put CD 3 on Monday, best case scenario. I would rather my cycle start too late than too early, because I can always make a blood draw appointment AFTER my initial appointment with my RE. I can’t make one before.

Here’s a question-will they do CD 3’s and consider them accurate after a medicated cycle? I’d been thinking about that lately and trying to avoid obsessive googling.

Yesterday was an absolutely insane day at work. It’s our big yearly festival day and the Captain and I were running ragged by 6:00. I slept like a ROCK but woke up sore all over. I’m in bed with the heating pad on my back while Chief runs out to pick up a few things for the never ending bathroom remodel as well as lunch. Today I woke up feeling like I was working on an ear infection on the left side. My ear canal hurts like it did before my bad ear infection the month of our wedding. It’s the absolute last thing I need. I’m hoping I can take a benadryl tonight and maybe it’ll help something drain. HATE ear infections.

Happy Sunday.


4 thoughts on “16 DPO, CD 29

  1. How’s the ear and your back doing?

    My memory is failing me–what’s CD 3 for? With my injectable cycle, I start meds on CD 3 and get checked on CD 7.

    • The ear and the back are mostly the same, but not worse, so that’s something.

      They run CD 3’s (although I’ve read they can really do it anywhere between CD 2 and CD 4) when you first start seeing an RE (usually) to check various ratios and levels. It helps reveal things like cysts, premature ovarian failure, etc.

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