My uterus has gone rogue

Took my last progesterone last night before bed.

Just started spotting. I was really hoping to start tomorrow, so now it’s going to be CD 4 on Monday when I go for my first RE visit. Hopefully that’s not too late :-/

So in answer to the question of whether or not you can bleed on 200 mg progesterone? Yes, yes you can.


14 thoughts on “My uterus has gone rogue

  1. Oh, the rogue uterus! I am familiar with this. My uterus is all “whatever! I do what I want!” w/r/t bleeding, structure, and response. Quite the little rebel, my uterus.

    Sorry yours is also misbehaving. I hope all goes well with the RE anyway!

    • That’s what most authorities on the internet say too, so in a way this is perfect timing. Thank you uterus. I take back all those terrible things I said about you.

      Now would it be too much to ask to keep the cramps to a reasonable minimum? Yes? Okay, forget I said anything.

  2. If you’re spotting today, would that maybe make tomorrow CD1? I don’t know, there are a lot of rules about how to calculate CD1, but it’s all pretty subjective to me!

    • I am spotting as of now, but there’s so much time left in the day that I feel certain I’ll head to full flow by the time I leave work. I never have a day of just spotting. But it seems like i’ll be okay either way it goes. Here’s a freeing feeling-there’s NOTHING I can do about it!

  3. My RE said we could get accurate “CD 3 blood draws” on CD2-4 with CD 3 just being the ideal time and they don’t consider spotting CD 1. They always said that they wouldn’t do bloodwork until CD2-4 after CD 1 was a full flow. Hopefully that means it will all work out for you!

  4. Well that is silly. Typical that one’s uterus would be a little wench. Sounds right on par, huh? I bet the RE appt will go perfectly though. Usually there is a bit of wiggle room with most labs. I hope this weekend isn’t too awful with the start of that period!! You’ll be in my thoughts monday!

  5. Also, I think most docs won’t count a period until you’re at full capacity. Spotting doesn’t count. Monday could still be CD 3.

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