Blowing Up Your News Feed

UPDATE: Also, I just looked up what Rapid Sperm Motility should be, and apparently most authorities agree it should be 25%, so my husband’s 24.6% doesn’t seem all that abnormal to me. I mean, sure 40% would be great, but geez. Just another reason to wonder about this clinic, ESPECIALLY since his overall motility was over 60%.

Just talked to Chief and we’re in agreement. We’re not giving this clinic any more money until we know for sure that they are the best we can do. So hopefully the other clinic calls me back in the am and we can make a plan. I’m hoping they can see me on CD 21 so we can just get that test done on the day of the consult. If they can’t see my on that day or before I’ll just do the progesterone test with the current clinic and bring the results of all my labs with me for the second opinion. The nice thing about the clinic I’m “currently” with is that since they just went to EMR today, I can access my labs online. that means I won’t even have to authorize the release of them to the other clinic. Meaning that if I DO stay with clinic number one, they need never know that I visited clinic number two.

So I’m feeling better about this. Even if I have to pay for the second opinion out of pocket, it’ll be worth it to have some peace of mind that I’m making the right decision.


4 thoughts on “Blowing Up Your News Feed

    • I mean, since we’re not going to treat this cycle i guess it’s no big deal, but they need to stop calling this other ultrasound a baseline ultrasound. Because it sounds like just a basic anatomy check. But it still bothers me that they have to farm it out to the main hospital. I’m supposed to be able to trust this doctor with our VERY hard earned money-why can’t she do a basic five minute procedure? I just don’t trust them as much as I would like to at this point.

  1. I’m just catching up on your posts! Good plan going forward—you have to cover your bases and feel comfortable with the decisions you make. And you can only make them if you have the info you need. First RE clinic isn’t making that easy for you.

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