Ultrasound Saga

I just talked to the nurse and she was not very nice and really unwilling to move on the ultrasound. She said they didn’t do baselines there in the office, period. That I could try to get it done somewhere else if I wanted, but she didn’t have any place for me to call or offer any suggestions.

Guys, this sucks. I don’t know what to do. They keep calling this a baseline ultrasound, but that would have needed to have been done today, if I know anything about anything. So now I feel like I need to just deal with going to the other clinic who at least does everything in house and hopefully knows what a baseline US is. But I’m past my window for this month doing a baseline so it will be next month anyway, but at least it would hopefully be at the right time. I don’t know. I might just go and get the second opinion anyway but not cancel the appointments with the current clinic yet. I just don’t have a lot of faith in the people I saw today. I have faith in the doctor and that is about it. And now, having dealt with her staff, maybe not even her.

I miss my Dr. T. I hate where I am right now and I just want to cry.


17 thoughts on “Ultrasound Saga

  1. I think this whole process is discouraging. Coupled with the anxiety about IF, suddenly any issues with a doctor or a nurse or a staff member seems like it’s obstacle in the way to getting pregnant. I’m sort of thinking you should keep the appointment with this clinic but maybe check in with the other one, if finances allow. IF runs in cycles and sometimes there is nothing we can do about it. I know it’s frustrating. I totally get it. I’m sorry you are dealing with this hassle. Yuck.

    • I’ve left a message with the other clinic saying I’d like to make a consultation appointment IF the doctor will accept the labs that have just been done. If I don’t get a warmer fuzzy from them than i did today I guess I’ll just stick with the folks I have, but when I finally talked to the nurse on the phone she was pretty rude in a “you’re wasting my time way” and I wanted to be like “look here bitch, this is our FIRST phone conversation and you guys are wanting my business in treating my infertility-talking to my crazy ass on the phone is going to be part of the deal so get used to it.” That coupled with them not seeming to know what an actual baseline US is makes me feel nervous. She said the purpose of this ultrasound was to check for obstructions and major problems. THAT’S NOT A FUCKING BASELINE ULTRASOUND.

      • I’ve heard from many many people that you always have to make sure you love your doctor because you are with this person through thick and thin and through a very vulnerable time. It’s worth at least talking to one other person if this place is making you feel bad. You should not feel this stressed after a doctor visit. You should feel like you’re on the right track.

      • That’s exactly how I feel. I wanted to walk out of there feeling like we were on track, where as now I just…don’t. I feel like we WILL be on track in two months, but not right now. Even if they had said “I know it seems like a long time and I’m so sorry it has to be this way, but unfortunately this is the system” that would ahve made me feel better. Instead they just treated me like I was crazy and asking for too much. Not cool.

      • The nursing staff at my former REs office was great. The doctors were so-so, but I loved the nurses. Now, I really like my doctor but the staff is all very young and I’m not sure if they are just trying to be mindful of their jobs and staying focused, but I don’t get a lot of empathy from them. I think the IF business (and it is a business) is a place where people who work in in need to be a bit more mindful.

      • I tend to think that if you work in an IF related job, whether you’re the receptionist, the nurse, or the doctor, you should PROBABLY assume that your patient is having a harder day than you. Because since I got diagnosed with IF I’ve had plenty of good days, but just about every single day has been hard.

  2. Uuuugh I’m sorry to hear this. And she of all people should understand how devastating waiting that long for a baseline is. Is there anyway to go to a different clinic?

    • Yeah, see my above reply to Lucy50. i’ve already made the call, but they were closed. I basically told them I had a shit experience with this clinic today and I was hoping for better from them, and could they please please use the labs I’m already paying for (or that hopefully my insurance company is).

  3. This just doesn’t make any sense to me – it sounds like the US is scheduled at random, which makes it not really a baseline, and if that’s the case – what is the purpose? I’m glad you’re going to see the other place – I hope they aren’t as douchey.

    • God me too. Jo had terrible experiences there, but I have another new friend (the one from the LEGO exhibition day post) who loved it there and couldn’t say enough good things about them. so who knows? I left them a voicemail letting them know i’d had a bad experience and wanted a second opinion. I’m hoping that to them they got my underlying message of “Clinic Number One has screwed the pooch and I’m ready to move for the right doctor. Be really nice to me and take good care of me and you’ll get my business.”

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