My Brain Feels Like Swiss Cheese

At the beginning of the month in my library world, I do stats. Circ Stats, Program Stats, YTD Stats, etc. We have two departments in one, so there are a lot of stats. Some of them are separate and then some of them are combined. It isn’t hard persay, but tedious.

Also, if you program like I do, the beginning of the month is when the events for next month are due. So while doing stats, I’m also planning programs.

And also, this part is really fun, my cycles these last few months have been starting at the beginning of the month. Thank you lots of artificial hormones. So at the beginning of a cycle my brain is spinning like a top thinking about cycle-ish things. This month in particular with all the numbers coming back from first RE visit.

Speaking of, I told a work friend about how terrible the visit was and she said “Maybe they were having a bad day”. My response was “Maybe, but when you work in an infertility clinic, you should probably always assume your patient is having a worse day than you.”

Wah Wah.

Also, in other news, Yoga Girl announced her pregnancy on facebook. I congratulated her warmly, liked the post, and then clicked unfollow. Unfollowed the status, unfollowed the person. Y’all I unfollow a lot of the pregnant folk on fb, but that’s because they’re usually not close friends of mine anyway. If you’re my friend, I want to know how you are, pregnant or not. I just don’t consider Yoga Girl to be a friend anymore, sadly. But I feel good about the decision. I’m shutting that door.

My inside lady business (uterus, ovaries, what not) feels….heavy. That’s a weird word, but that’s all I got. And not like, I’m walking around thinking “Man, what a heavy uterus I have!”. More like when I go to the bathroom it feels like my uterus and company are more “in the way” of that process than normal. Weird, weird, weird.

It’s CD 6 yo. I’m real curious to see what’s going to happen this cycle.



7 thoughts on “My Brain Feels Like Swiss Cheese

  1. Sadly, I am finding that tolerating the pregnancy announcements and pregnancy posts is a cake walk, compared to the “baby porn” that new parents are compelled to plaster on facebook. Two of my FAVORITE people just had babies, but I think I need a break and am on the verge of ‘unfollowing’ (I will still stalk them, but on my terms). XO

  2. Loving this post – I can relate – things are the same, but different but moving ahead but remain to be seen….

    Interesting how work and all this collide. I am scared to talk about work because it’s a a) boring and b) could get me into hot water… but we spend 8 hours a day there, 5 days a week and when you’ve got other stuff going on it can be a relief but also a hindrance to experiencing the reality of your situation.

    Also – yogagirl – good riddance. She’ll have other other people to be there for her, fawn over her, etc etc etc. But you gotta do you – and I think you did it with class and integrity.

    • Thanks friend 🙂 I try to be really careful about work. We actually had a presentation done on what exactly we can get away with saying on the internet, and I don’t come anywhere close, but I still wouldn’t want to hurt my career by being unprofessional on the interwebs.

      Class is what I was going for. She sucks for never emailing me back, but I didn’t want to just unfollow her and never publicly acknowledge her pregnancy. I’ve really done all I can do to at least outwardly be the bigger person.

  3. I’m curious to see what happens, too! I know that heavy feeling.

    So glad you stop following yoga girl. Move in the right direction for sure. There are lots of people I have stopped following, and one day, a bunch on them “liked” or commented on a photo I shared. I thought about feeling guilty, but decided not to. : )

  4. Ugh. My best friend recently had a baby. She promised, promised, promised she would not be the new mom that only posted photos of new baby. Yeah…she totally is. I love her and I don’t want to unfollow her, but I also hate it. A lot. I feel you, friend.

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