So, if you live in America (and maybe overseas too, I’m not sure honestly), and have lived here for even five minutes in the last year, you have heard the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

Y’all, that song is my jam. I love it. It’s on my work out playlist (which isn’t seeing much action these days, just to be honest)and my regular playlist. I loves it. I did get to a point where I was getting sort of tired of it, you know, like you do. But then they released a single with Kendrick Lamar (maybe you saw them at the Grammy’s together-Ah-mazing.) and I was all, “Nope, never getting tired of this song. Ever.”

And it wasn’t really until I heard the version with Kendrick and had been through the last few shitty, manic IF months that I thought “Oh my gosh-that’s my life”.

Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
I’m radioactive, radioactive
I’m radioactive, radioactive

Y’all, I feel this way all the time. IF is the new age, and I’m radioactive.

But then Kendrick comes on and he’s amazing. And great and doing his thing. And then he says:

“Look in my eyes, tell me I died, tell me I tried, to compromise
Tell me you love me, tell me that I, don’t give a fuck and can barely decide”

And he’s just frantic. And you feel all of this frantic, crazy energy building and it just feels like what goes on in my head all the time. And you think that would stress me out, but it sort of has the opposite effect. I obviously know he’s not rapping about IF (has anyone rapped about IF? Is there a Lil’ PCOS out there somewhere? Young Endo?) but it doesn’t matter. I feel like he gets me.

In other news, there is no news. I have a steady pain in my lower back on the right. I have no idea if it’s ovulation related or just a steady pain in my lower back. I’ve been ferning, but it’s obviously coming out negative because it’s CD 7. It is sort of a new and fun thing to obsess over though. We all know I needed another one of those.

Anyway. Here’s Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar for your listening pleasure:


4 thoughts on “Radioactive

  1. Love this version. I totally got sick of the original because it got overplayed to death, but their performance at the Grammys was so fantastic! I am a petite white girl but I love R&B and rap lol. I like the frenzied energy of Kendrick’s verse too. So great!

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