I’m so dumb

Ok, before I post a picture of my stupidity, hear me out.

I KNOW I said I was done with OPKs and I am. But then since we’re going au natural this cycle I decided to try SMEP. What could it hurt. But SMEP says to use OPKs from CD 10 on until you get a positive.

So today is CD 10. I don’t think this can be a true positive because my LH is always too high, which means I probably shouldn’t be doing SMEP. But seriously, I did NOT expect to get this today:



14 thoughts on “I’m so dumb

    • It’s so dumb-right? God I hate PCOS. Although the more research I do my ratio doesn’t really make sense for PCOS. It’s like 1.25:1.00. Apparently PCOS your ratio should be 2:1 or 3:1. Probably I’m just going into early menopause. Won’t that be fun. Ugh.

      • FSH/LH ratios are not the most pertinent criteria for PCOS or DOR. What you’ll see from the basic ultrasound is your antral follicle count, and then you’ll want to know your AMH levels to give you an accurate picture. I bet you have plenty of eggs! You (and me) just need some help from an “ovary whisperer” to bring out the best in them 🙂 XO

      • I know. And i stimulate well (or at least I have in the past), but now I’m reading about how bad it is to have high LH levels prior to ovulation. Apparently it can cause all sorts of problems with your eggs and lead to abnormalities, and my LH is almost double the maximum of what it should be (up to 7). “Normal” woman typically have LH around 3-4 on CD 3’s. Mine is 12.21.

      • Also, I’m going to freaking demand to be checked for insulin resistance by this new RE. My OBGYN was always against checking that but now that I know I do have some serious PCOS hallmarks, I want to freaking know for sure. If metformin could help me I want it.

      • Some do (most neglect at least part of it). Have you had your TSH (thyroid) tested? TSH is supposed to be under 2.5 for conception and a lot of doctors ignore it (like mine did). XO

      • And I did just find someone on Soul Cysters who says that their lab puts the following ratios up for CD 3’s:

        FSH (measured in mIU/mL)
        Follicular 3.5 – 12.5
        Ovulation 4.7 – 21.5
        Luteal 1.7 – 7.7

        LH (measured in mIU/mL)
        Follicular 2.4 – 12.6
        Ovulation 14.0 – 95.6 (!!!!!)
        Luteal 1.0 – 11.4

        Which puts me on the high high high range of normal. So that’s SLIGHTLY reassuring. But in the same token, it’s some person on a message board, so who knows. My lab didn’t give me ANY ranges on the stupid website.

  1. I’m trying to get my OB/GYN to order CD3 bloodwork too but he’s being a pain about it… I’m giving him 3 rounds of Clomid then I’m moving on.

  2. I usually use Wondfos, but there’s something so nice about seeing that smiling face. It’s at least one positive you get to enjoy during the whole cycle!

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