Reaching a whole new level of crazy

It’s happened. I have officially lost my marbles.

This morning on my way into my office I stopped in the bathroom and hid a red solo cup so I can take an ovulation test later this afternoon. You see, I thought it out. Once I had deposited my belongings into my office for the day there’s no way I could get the cup in there. I wouldn’t have a good reason to carry my giant bag with me. HOWEVER. Coming INTO the office for the first time of the day I could feign a sudden need to use the bathroom before dropping my stuff off, and just go on in, cup securely in purse.

I am insane.

Last night I did a second OPK after a pretty good hold (four or five hours at least, not a lot of liquids) and it was negative. Making me feel like I could have had a LEGITIMATE surge yesterday. Isn’t it sort of hard to get a positive digi? I don’t have experience with them, but I couldn’t stand the two line business anymore. My right ovary is so sore today, which could mean I haven’t or I have, because last cycle I was pretty sore after O (thank you corpus luteam).

So later, when I go to test (around 1:00 so my timing is consistent with yesterday), I shall shove my OPK into my bra and march proudly to the bathroom with my concealed cup in it. And hopefully no one else is in there.

For that matter, now I kind of need to use the bathroom. Damnit.


10 thoughts on “Reaching a whole new level of crazy

  1. Haha, I can definitely appreciate this. Here’s a tip: buy a bottle of liquid medicine (Robitussen, Pepto, etc) and take the little measuring cup from the top. It fits in a pocket (or bra) and is easy to take back and forth with you. That’s how I roll!

  2. You could always make a bunch of origami paper cups and just put one in your pocket on the way. It will hold the pee long enough to get pee on the test. I used a plastic travel cup at one point and just made sure to wash it with soap and water before putting it back.

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