1 DPO? Maybe?

Thanks to everyone SO MUCH yesterday and today for sharing and signing the petition. Last I checked we were up to 56 signatures. You guys are AMAZING. I know it’s a pretty big dream to get it up to 100,000. My biggest goal right now is to get it to the point of being visible on the We The People site. I want people to read it and really think about it. That’s a start. Keep sharing, keep signing, keep talking about it!

As far as this cycle goes, I’m feeling pretty chill. Earlier today I did have a little panic, because it seems that I ovulated yesterday. The O test would have me believe that (and FF says so too once I put the OPK result in), and tonight I have creamy CM. We didn’t, ahem, come together yesterday. It’s just really hard to make ourselves do that when Chief doesn’t get home until midnight. When O happens during the week it’s much, much harder to manage. i get up so early for my various jobs. We managed to get jiggy with it Sunday night and Saturday night, so if I did ovulate on Monday that’s pretty good. And if it’s not good enough, eh, I can’t bring myself to care that much. If it works out that’s great. If it doesn’t, well, hopefully next cycle will be an IUI.

That’s something that going to the RE is giving me-a little more relaxation. Sort of. For now. Once we get to IUI time, it’s going to be more their responsibility to time things than ours. I spend SO MUCH TIME thinking about how often we can have sex. And I hate saying to my husband “we need to have sex sometime today”. We make the best of it, but I think it is actually hurting our sex life in general. Last cycle we didn’t have ANY sexy time past O. A lot of that I blame on feeling SO. CRAPPY. thanks to the progesterone. My breasts hurt like crap last cycle and the bloating was insane. But a little of it I blame on the marathon of sex we put ourselves through around ovulation time. Chief and I aren’t the type to do that on our own. Maybe when we first started dating, but we’re old married folk. A couple of times a week is fine with us, and honestly, since he’s been on night shift, it’s been less than that. Hopefully it will get back to normal when he goes back to days (next week!). Even if it doesn’t right away, I feel like I’ve spent the last five months in an exhausted fog of trying to stay up late just to see him for fifteen minutes before bed. I’m ready to go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time, and eat meals together again. Spontaneous sex would quite frankly be a bonus at this point.

In not so great news, I’m feeling a little under the weather. Chief and I had such a good day today. It was my day off (I have to work Saturday) and we slept in, went out to lunch, went to the movies and saw Captain America (SO GOOD!!) and then went to Lowe’s and bought a new toilet for our bathroom that Chief is almost done remodeling. There will be pictures 🙂

But then in the afternoon I started to have a really strong headache. It’s been rainy here today so I sort of blamed it on that. But now my throat really hurts and I’m sort of snotty in my sinuses. I’m hoping it’s all just weather related. Wednesdays are not a good day for me to be sick. It’s a big law firm day for me AND my late night at work AND the day I program at work. Just too much to do to be sick. And I hate calling in on my late night. I think we’re staffed to the point now where it wouldn’t mean that Captain would have to stay late for me, but it still leaves us short handed. And I don’t like being the cause of that. I’m the cause of that enough with all my doctor’s appointments.

So anyway, let’s hope for a good nights sleep to take care of it. I’m planning on going to bed earlyish. I was going to try and stay up and see Chief, but I know he understands.



6 thoughts on “1 DPO? Maybe?

  1. I hope you managed to fight off the sickness. The first part of you post is like I could have written it. TTC is ruining our sex life. I feel like I give the boy a timetable each month of the days he needs to have sex with me and the moment we get the the TWW I’m relieved that we get a bit of a reprieve. We’re lucky if we have sex twice during the TWW as I feel like I need a break before the next cycle begins. Fingers crossed we’ll both get a BFP soon so we can get back to a normal sex life.

  2. The husband and I had to have quite a few talks about scheduled sex and have finally reached a good place, but: TTC sex can be so frustrating. I totally see what you’re saying about letting the RE take the pressure off in that regard.

    Hope you can fight off whatever’s trying to get you!

  3. As soon as I tell my husband “we’re going to marathon sex this week” he gets excited, because, sex is fun, right? On the third or fourth night of mandatory sex it’s much less fun. We’re definitely not teenagers anymore.

    • Yeah, the first two times are absolutely great. No problems whatsoever. And we make it through the next two times (we usually go about four rounds as well). Chief doesn’t have any “performance issues”, but by round three I’m definitely in the camp of “I don’t care if it feels good lets just get it done”, but I try not to be that way outwardly, because I’d imagine that’s a buzz kill.

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