73 Signatures

73? Y’all, we are awesome. Our community is awesome. our family and friends are awesome.

Let’s CONTINUE being awesome! Here’s the link in case you forgot:



Once a month at work we have cake day. They buy a giant sheet cake for the whole building to celebrate all the birthdays that month. Today’s flavor is lemon, and being lemon aficionado, I was all over that. And here’s the good thing about being back on the healthy eating wagon-I don’t even feel bad about it. I’ve been so good this week that eating a piece of cake wasn’t a major guilt trip for me. I’m in love with that.

Here’s what sucks-my lower back on the right side hurts like someone is trying to wedge something in there that shouldn’t be. I’m sure it’s my freaking ovary, up to it’s usual hijinks, but that on top of this little head cold I have going on is making me super cranky. It’s also cold and misty outside (dementors?) and I’m ready to be at home with my heating pad. It’s my late night though. 5 hours and 45 minutes left to go. Ugh, it seems endless, doesn’t it? And I have to program with the teens this afternoon. And I’m losing my voice. Yuck.

Back on to good news (see how I’m bouncing around? I feel like it’s keeping me balanced), Chief had to work a mid shift today to cover for someone else (9:30-6:30) so he’ll be home when I’m home FOR ONCE. Meaning, he’s going to have dinner ready when I get home (pasta night). And we can watch TV together, and go to sleep together and all those great things. This is his last week of night shift, but he does have to work nights two days next week. I’m okay with it. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

And one week from today will be my second opinion appointment with RE#2. I found out yesterday that my cousin went to him and really liked him. The only reason she switched to RE #1 is because she got a job working for RE #1’s hospital, so the rate was better. She says RE#2 has a weird laugh and his accent makes him a little hard to understand sometimes, but that he’s really nice and thoughtful. She agreed with me that RE#1’s office staff sucks. I feel kind of bad that that is the reason I might be leaving them, but it’s your responsibility to make sure your patients are being treated right when you are a doctor, and this doctor was definitely falling down on that part of the job.

Last night we had our first family dinner at my grandparents house in months. My pawpaw had to go to a rehab facility because he got really sick and week. They took good care of him there and he was able to come back home yesterday afternoon, but we had to tell him that his dog had died while he was away and he took it terribly. He cried all day and all through dinner, and then when we got him into bed he rolled over and started to sob. It made me want to fall to pieces. My mom is so worried that he’ll make himself weak and have to go back. I totally get where he’s coming from though. If one of my babies was gone I’d be a wreck. A total wreck. Especially the first day. And he was so looking forward to having her to come home to. My grandmother and grandfather hate each other, so that dog was basically all he had left. He has a cat too, but his cat is not the most affectionate, and he definitely needs that right now. It’s hard to watch him suffer so much. His health is already bad, but then you add grief into it and it just compounds the situation.

Okay, back to work kids. Catch you on the flip.


9 thoughts on “73 Signatures

  1. Awww sorry to hear about your pawpaw.

    Can I tell you how much I love the fact that you mentioned dementors because it’s misty and gross… that made my day

  2. Just signed and reposted on my blog – love that you put this together! And sorry about your pawpaw and the loss of his dog, it is heartbreaking to lose a pet, they are such a big part of the family.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather- what awful news to get when you get home from the hospital!

    Signed and will repost the link on my blog. Great job lady!

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