92 Signatures! CD 14! Maybe 3 DPO!

So many things!

So, last I checked (which was 5 seconds ago) our little effort has 92 signatures. 92 signatures! You guys are GREAT. Are we going to change federal law anytime soon? Probably not-but maybe.

Maybe they’ll make a blog movie about us, like Julie and Julia. Let’s start thinking of titles, IFLBs! (Infertile Lady Bloggers)

So. It is CD 14. IF I ovulated when the OPK would lead me to believe I did, I’m 3 DPO. I am oh so skeptical of the OPK though-I’ve been burned. That OPK has priors, so it’s hard for me to believe I actually did ovulate, and at CD 11 no less. However, I am somewhat unconcerned about it. I’ll have a CD 21 (or 20, if I have my way) progesterone check next week and that will be the final decider as to whether I did or not.

If I DID ovulate on CD 11, wouldn’t CD 20 (or 21, if I don’t have my way) be really late to test? Anywhoodle.

I have to work this weekend which is le suck, BUT we’re having our family mother’s day celebration on Sunday, so that’s not so bad. I know that is eliciting many groans and sighs of sympathy from you all, and I love you for it, but my family doesn’t have any babies in it. My sister had her tubes tide and my cousin and her husband have major male factor infertility (there’s NO sperm-NONE. He has chemotherapy from testicular cancer to thank for that) and are planning on using a fertility doctor to get pregnant at some point, but her job is about to end (it was temporary) so they don’t want to shell out the cash for it now. Sometimes I wonder if they really even want to that much. She’s 37 and he’s nearing fifty. I’m not trying to say they’re too old-I’M NOT (stop throwing fruit at me). But they just don’t seem that invested in it.

Not like us crazy IFLB’s.

So anyway. I don’t have anyone around to make me feel bad. I’m the baby of the family at the ripe old age of 26. It’s a major help to my emotional state, lemme tell ya.

My momma said that my pawpaw is doing better about his dog these last few days, so that’s good. I’d been really worried about him. He’s so frail, it’s hard to see him suffering so much.

And now, the update you’ve all been waiting for: I had to see Yoga Girl today.

And it was nothing. Honestly. We were in the same meeting and she didn’t say anything to me, which makes me think that SHE is mad at ME, but bitch go ahead. See if I care. I did find out from a mutual friend at that meeting today that Yoga Girl has been TALKING ABOUT ME and how she wishes I would just do Yoga. Talking about me. TO OUR FRIENDS. I could scream. But I won’t. I’m zen girl this cycle.

I was actually thinking about how zen I’ve been the past few weeks and you know what it is? Oh, yeah, MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE MY BODY ISN’T IN A WHIRLWIND OF ARTIFICIAL HORMONES.

This is why when we decided to start TTC again back in October I sobbed. I knew this was coming-all the worry, and anxiety and obsession. It’s so easy to see a happy ending when you’re not on fertility drugs, ironically enough. You know what else is great? Spontaneous, unplanned sex-because THAT happened last night.

Sometimes I think I might regret putting all my lady parts (and Chief’s manly parts) out on the internet for anyone to come across. But then I remember that I don’t give a fuck anymore and stop worrying. It’s the zen, y’all. It’s the zen.


14 thoughts on “92 Signatures! CD 14! Maybe 3 DPO!

  1. I still think they’d be able to see IF you ovulated that late . . .but I could be wrong. I think progesterone stays up higher than pre-O levels until right before your period. In any case, you’re probably knocked up anyway. 🙂 Also, is this woman cray cray enough that she is really TALKING to OTHER PEOPLE about how she wants YOU to do yoga? whoa. seriously. that’s a special level of nuts.

    • Yeah she is a special breed. We were BEST friends for several years. Like, go out to dinner once a week, work together, talk on the phone all the time best friends. It’s crazy to me how much she has changed since becoming a mom. I do NOT want that to happen to me.

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