The Day of the Dates

Is Today.

This morning I had a breakfast date with the Captain, I have a lunch date with my Aunt, and I have a dinner date with one of my all-time-best-friends who I have known since I was 11. It’s a point of pride with me that I’ve been able to keep a friend that long 🙂 But she’s not terrible, so that helps.

Anyway, going out to eat three times the day before my RE Appointment #2 is probably not smart. My weight is still up. I haven’t gained anymore since gaining the 7-10 extra (it fluctuates), but I haven’t dropped any either. I’m hoping that now that Chief is back onto days (even though he’s working tonight and tomorrow night) we can get back into our routine of cooking at home and going to the gym after dinner. That would help me immensely. And I’m still having some gastrointestinal problems, because it doesn’t take me eating much AT ALL for me to have seriously bad indigestion, especially at night. Several evenings a week I’m pretty miserable. I know I should go see my GP about it, but honestly the last thing I want is another doctor’s appointment. Especially one where he’ll want me to probably get scoped or maybe colonoscopied. It’s mainly just really bad gas. At night I’ll feel all this pressure building in my stomach-to the point that poking my stomach actually causes pain. Then I can belch a few big times and it basically fixes it-but I know this isn’t normal. Especially not as often as it’s been happening and as long as it’s been going on. Belching is NOT LIKE ME.

Basically with that paragraph I just talked myself into going to see my GP. I’m hoping a scope will be the last resort. My GP doesn’t seem to be an alarmist. I might see if I can get an appointment for next Tuesday because I’m off anyway. Not having to take a day off for a doctors appointment would be ideal.

Anyway, that went in a direction I hadn’t intended. I’m a very train of thought style writer today.

IF wises there’s no news. Appointment tomorrow. Maybe I’m 8 DPO, maybe I’m not. The girls are sensitive, although not as sensitive by a longshot as last cycle. But then again, I’m not taking progesterone this cycle. This sensitivity is very manageable. I still feel rumblings in the ovarian region. Sometimes it manifests as a very strong lower back pain, so that’s not too fun, but it never lasts long. So basically I’m just hanging around. Wish me luck tomorrow. I’m not nearly as nervous for this one as I was for the last one. The bloom is off the RE rose at this point.

Update: My GP had an appointment open tomorrow at 1:20. Surely I can be done with my 9:00 RE appointment in time for that, so I took it.


6 thoughts on “The Day of the Dates

  1. I hope that both of your appointments go well. I have to talk myself into going to the GP sometimes too.

  2. Not that its necessarily the case but a lot of women with Endo also have gastrointestinal symptoms. Just Google Endo diet and you’ll see. Might not work for you (it doesn’t for me) but many women swear by it.

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