We Have a Winner

And it’s RE #2.

OHMYGAH GUYS. The difference. So amazing. First, check in was so smooth. She had us all ready to go, she accepted my weird insurance policy without doubting me on it or asking if I “had anything in writing” like my last clinic did (and yes, this time, I DID have it in writing). She got us all taken care of, was friendly, and then we went to sit down.

The facility is also in good shape. I didn’t mention it before, but RE Clinic #1 was pretty shabby quite honestly. I felt sort of depressed being there. If the people had been better I wouldn’t have cared, but the rundownness (and the bad muzak playing) added to the general doom feeling I had there. We waited until about 9:15 (appt was at 9:00) and then were called back. The nurse took my blood pressure and told me he’d be in shortly.

We waited about 10 minutes and he came in, shook our hands and said “I’m so sorry, I’m running just a bit behind-can you wait just ten more minutes? I’ve been reviewing your chart so I’ll be ready.” We practically licked his hand with gratitude (Okay, gross, not really). I mean, WHAT A FREAKING DIFFERENCE from being shoved in a room for an hour and forgotten about, just to see a NURSE (and I don’t mean that insultingly towards nurses at all-totes respect for them.)

So anyway, then he comes and gets us and escorts us to his office. He went over EVERYTHING in my medical history (something RE #1 did NOT do), went over Dr. T’s files, and then made a plan. He said he does believe absolutely that I have PCOS. He also said (get ready for some major vindication) that I probably need to be on metformin, WHICH I’VE BEEN ASKING FOR FROM VARIOUS DOCTORS FOR YEARS. He was slightly concerned that my FSH and LH were elevated, but he said that because of my age it’s more of an indicator of PCOS than DOR or POF. He’s going to redo ALL of my CD 3 labs, and add in AMH and A1C. Thank you, jeebus.

Then his plan is to do IUI with letrozole, gonadotropin, trigger, and progesterone. I asked him if instead of going to RE #1 to get my P4 check tomorrow if I could just have it done at his clinic (because by this point I was sold, majorly) and he stepped out to talk to his insurance folks. When he came back he said that because RE#1 already has a preauthorization to do the P4 check tomorrow we should go ahead and let them do it, and then he would take over all care and testing after that. He was concerned about getting insurance to pay for as much for me as they could.

I’m in love.

We were in and out in 1:15 (from the appointment time of 9:00-we got there at 8:30 because I’m anal retentive, but I don’t count that time). And I left feeling like, “yes, finally a plan”. And if all goes well we’re starting our first IUI on my next cycle. If my P4 shows no ovulation tomorrow he says we’ll induce it with progesterone so we can get rocking and rolling on this.

I hate even the idea of walking back into that horrible clinic tomorrow, but it’s just to pick up the lab paperwork and go down to the lab floor, so I’m going to deal. As soon as I have my results I’ll be cancelling all future appointments.

When I was checking out the check out girl told me that when she called my insurance to get my appointment preauthorized they tried to argue with her because they thought she was RE Clinic #1 and I had already been preauthorized, so I told her about the nightmare that was that experience and her and everyone else in the office was horrified. When I told them about them trying to schedule a baseline ultrasound for just any old day they all said “But that’s not a baseline ultrasound! That’s just an ultrasound!” They were so nice. It was a complete 180 experience.

As far as my GP appt goes, that went well too. He thinks that the fertility drugs last cycle could have just messed everything up in my gut. He’s got me taking Beano with every meal, probiotics three times a day, simethicone three times a day, and pepcid twice a day. That’s just for a few days. If it’s not better by Monday I’m to come back in. If it IS better I’m to continue the Pepcid until I run out (unless fertility doctor says no) and to continue the probiotic once a day. I took all of these things before an afternoon milkshake and ALREADY FEEL BETTER.

So all in all, not a bad day at all.


15 thoughts on “We Have a Winner

  1. So glad to hear you have found a better clinic! I am lucky to go to an amazing clinic with a very professional, efficient, and friendly staff and I know that they make all the difference in this experience for me. Good luck in the coming weeks with IUI #1!

  2. Woo hoo! Yay for a great experience and feeling better. I hope everything continues to look up! 🙂

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