So, What’s Been Going On?

This morning within fifteen minutes of opening, a former library employee popped by for a visit.

This in and of itself was weird. We were NOT close. She worked at a branch. We saw each other once a month for programmer meetings and probably did some chatting occasionally at those, but I couldn’t tell you three things about her if asked (other than the things I just told you, that is). She’s nice, but again, it’s weird.

She quit a few years ago to go to graduate school in….something. Physical therapy maybe? Lord only knows. In the time she’s been gone I guarantee you I’ve thought of her less than three times. It’s not that I dont’ like her-I just really don’t know her.

So anyway, she pops by and keeps saying “So what’s new?” and I say “Oh you know-just working. Summer Reading Club is starting” and she’ll say talk a little bit about that and then say “But really, what’s new? What’s been going on other than work?” And I’m like, is this an intervention? What’s happening. And the first thing that pops into my head is fertility treatments-that’s what’s new. That’s what’s going on other than work.

But obviously I’m not going to say that to her. I may wear my heart on my sleeve, but this would be excessive. So then I just blurt “Uh, well my husband just remodeled our bathroom.” because seriously? I can’t think of anything else.

IF has become my hobby.

*head hits desk*


8 thoughts on “So, What’s Been Going On?

  1. Hahahahahaha! I feel like it’s all we talk about. In fact I hate being around other people because I feel like such a bore. Blah, blah, blah IF, blah, blah, blah. It just takes up so much of our lives it’s hard not to sleep, eat and breathe it. Think of it like parents and their kids. It’s all they talk about too for the first couple of years. Lol

  2. Oh, hahahaha, yes! One of the weird things about IF, it looms so large in my own life, and I generally keep it on the DL, but then what do you say to questions like this? I’m verrrry familiar with having to cast about to find an appropriate reply, when the real answer to “What’s new with you?” is a lengthy and acronym-laden description of the new protocol I’m excited to try this month. Instead, my replies are more like “…Well… I… I found a brand of socks I really like?” Sometimes I feel like IF has made me really boring. :/

  3. Me too ladies. In fact, most of the times when the people who DO know about my IF ask me how things are going and I fill them in, I instantly think “Why did I do that-they don’t really care. They’re sick to death of hearing about this”

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