Another Waiting Game

So I had my CD 10 ultrasound today and….they don’t know.

I have a 20 mm “structure” on my left ovary, but the doctor can’t tell if it’s an egg or the cyst from last week getting bigger, so they drew blood and will call me this afternoon. Oy vey. That seems like a long time to wait. If it’s an egg I’ll definitely go back in on Saturday for another ultrasound. If it’s a cyst….well, he didn’t say, but I’m trying real hard not to borrow any trouble and am just saying that we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

In other news, my A1C was 5.1 and my AMH was 10, so that’s high and he says that’s typical of PCOSers. Lots of eggs. So definitely not DOR or POF, but still not exactly a good thing, I guess. I don’t know, my feelings are mixed. Someone tell me what kind of E2 number I WANT to have this afternoon, because I have no clue. Dr. T never did blood work with ultrasounds. This part is all brand new to me.


14 thoughts on “Another Waiting Game

  1. Idk how they determine if it’s a cyst or a follicle based on E2 after the initial CD3 blood draw but on my one and only cycle I did clomid I triggered after I had a 18mm follicle and my E2 was 410. I didn’t have any other follicles, just the one. All my other medicated cycles were with Femara and the E2 reads are different so I only have my one clomid cycle to reference for you. Good luck!! Normally with a 20mm follicle though, that one is pretty ready and they would trigger soon.

    • I think that’s why he’s skeptical that it’s a follicle, because CD 10 is pretty early, but with all of my other cycles on femara I have triggered pretty early too, like around CD 11 or 12. Maybe I just respond really well to it. I guess we’ll see.

      • I think he’s drawing E2 and LH. It wasn’t my regular doctor so I dont feel like I got as much explanation as I would normally. I like my doctor and this guy was okay I guess. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing, but I’m ready for Dr. Godsend to come back from vacay.

  2. The day-long waits are always the worst – I hope you get the call soon! I can’t help with E2 stuff since I’ve never had big cysts (just the hundreds of tiny ones that = PCOS) – hoping its a nice juciy, egg filled follicle you’ve got there!

  3. I’ve never had bloodwork done with ultrasounds. Sometimes when I read other people’s protocol, I’m like, wait, is my doctor doing it wrong? He always looks at my lining and makes a determination about estrogen from that? I think?

    • He said my lining looked good. I think if I hadn’t had the cyst at the beginning of the cycle and if this”structure” were smaller he would just assume everything is ok. It being so big this early is what has him second guessing things.

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