Update… I guess

So, the nurse just called:

E2 was 50.8
LH was 12.9

So my E2 actually went DOWN since my baseline. But on the phone she called it a “follicle”, so I’m definitely going back on Saturday to have it looked at again.

Guys, WTF? Why is my E2 falling? Even if my cyst was growing it should be going UP right? In my head all I can think is that maybe on baseline day the cyst had just stopped growing so the number was still slightly high-ish and then it dropped and is now rising again? Seriously I have no idea. Now I’m going to be spending the next day and a half very anxiously wondering what the hell is going on.

Also, I’m now paranoid that saturday will be late. If it IS a follicle it could be 24 mm by then-that’s freaking huge. Will they even trigger at that point?


20 thoughts on “Update… I guess

  1. I had something showing on my baseline. They were concerned it was a cyst but the blood work said it wasn’t. I didn’t ask specifics about numbers as I don’t want to Dr Google myself into a frenzy. The cyst or follicle or whatever shrunk as time went on and I ended up producing a ton of follicles with eggs. Hope that helps?

    • Thanks. I really don’t think it’s a cyst. Now I think it’s a follicle and that we might miss our window. I’m afraid we’ll go in on Saturday and he’ll be all “well now it’s too big, you’ll just have to do timed intercourse”.

      I’ve never worked with this doctor so i have nothing to base this fear on. Basically I’m just insane. I have to trust that he’s the expert and he knows what he’s doing, I guess.

  2. It’s my understanding that E2 drops before ovulation so if it’s not a cyst and is a follicle that would make sense. I’m no doctor though so I could be wrong. Good luck Saturday!

  3. I just triggered at 24mm (so don’t worry about that). I’ve been worried my body will kick in and pop it before the 36 hours. I just want to tell my body to knock it off because it had its chance.

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of REs and ART where you get to know ALL THE NUMBERS but rarely what they mean. What do they mean for you individually right now? No telling. It’s so easy to obsess even more when you have even more data points to obsess over. Hopefully everything will become clearer on Saturday.

  5. Girl I’ve been through 5 IUIs! Not to play who has it worse. Because I hope beyond hope you are the lucky one that this works! My advise is to try not to think about it. Trust your body, even though it has let you down, it knows what to do and when to do it. I had a concerted ivf cycle last month because I only produced 3 eggs and this month I have 19. Everyone keeps telling me how much stress pays a part in this process. I’m finally trying to let go and let be. Way easier said than done. If you ever need to chat outside of this forum let me know.

    • I hope it works too :-/ I’m already so freaked out about finances that I don’t think we could do IVF. I really appreciate your support. I know I’m just starting with re’s and don’t have much room to complain yet. I just wish my RE was in town. I hate that he had to leave right when I felt comfortable with him.

  6. It’s so, so hard to go through this and I’m sorry that this is happening to you. I wish I had something better to say or do, but know that I’m thinking of you and hoping.

  7. I’m afraid I can’t help you out with interpreting those numbers because I’ve never had my blood tested after stimming. But if you are indeed on the verge of popping that egg, don’t worry about it being too early in the cycle. I responded very well to letrozole, too, and triggered early (I can’t exactly remember, but it was day 10 or 11).

    Good luck! I’m sending you all kinds of happy, positive thoughts.

    • Yeah-me too. I’ve always stimmed fast with letrozole, but these doctors are new to me so I guess they just don’t realize that. The only thing I’m actually concerned about is ovulating too early for an IUI. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow morning!

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