IUI #1

It’s happened. My first IUI.  A true right of passage.

Let me take a few moments to just worry and obsess about something and then we can move on-sound good?

Last night we went to see a movie and in the bathroom at the theatre I noticed a TINY amount of EWCM on the toilet paper. This is a hell of a lot more than I normally get, and I was excited, but also nervous I was ovulating early. Then this morning I woke up and my left side was like “Hey, hey you-there’s a FUCKING BIG FOLLICLE in here” and I felt better. I didn’t really notice any CM this morning. And now post IUI, a good amount of creamy has come down. I know it was pushed down by the catheter, but my main concern is that I’m no longer fertile but just had an IUI.

Also, Chief’s count post wash was 19 million with 71% motility. So not terrible, but not great. In the doctor’s words (not my doctor, the fill in doctor with not great bedside manner) “it’s adequate for what we’re doing, but a little low”. I’m still hopeful. That means somewhere between 13 and 14 million are motile and I know most places want at least 5 million motile.

So anyway, just hanging out here in the perpetual land of “why is my CM so confusing”. I really thought about just risking it and having sex last night while I had that good mucus, but I’m glad I didn’t knowing Chief’s count today. We had sex Friday night so he had about 36 hours to replenish. I’m pretty glad we did because before that it had been since last Sunday, so yesterday when I found out we were inseminating today I was pleased that we had cleaned out his stock of “old” sperm. We had talked about having sex tonight just to cover more bases, but knowing what we know now regarding his count and my CM I’m not sure if there’s a lot of point in it. Still, I guess it can’t hurt anything, right?

The catheter went in really nice and easy, which makes me feel like my cervix was properly positioned. I’m probably just making that up. The whole thing was bing bang boom and we’re done. I just hope we got the timing right. The doctor was extremely confident I was ovulating today based on my massive surge yesterday. Now all that’s left is the waiting.

I’m going to try not to test until 14 DPO. I’m REALLY going to try.


9 thoughts on “IUI #1

  1. Hi, I’m currently 8 1/2 months pregnant following stims + IUI. I also noticed that IUI always occurred a day or two after I had the most EWCM (It did take six IUI cycles to get me here, but as you see it was successful in the end). I also wanted to add that, on the successful cycle, my husband had 6.7 million motile, the lowest of any of our cycles! I was told that that was a perfectly good count, apparently they were right. Best of luck.

  2. That’s the shit thing about IUI. You’re still messing with timing. It’s still a big odds game. Odds go up slightly but not a lot. Looks like you and are in a 2ww together though mine is two days ahead. I don’t even know how I feel after the IUI.

    • I actually feel pretty good tonight because all the pain is gone, so I definitely feel like we got the timing right this time. And I’m hoping it really helps my odds since chief seems to have minor male factor and I definitely have cm problems. Ugh-fingers crossed for both of us!!

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