10 DPO, 10 DPIUI

Today, I look at my situation in two different ways:

1. Man, it’s already 10 DPO!

2. Geez, it’s only 10 DPO.

I don’t know why, but days 8-10 I usually feel like I’m almost there and not nearly there, all at the same time. It’s confusing. I still haven’t even thought of testing, so I’m proud of that. I’m going to order my FRER’s on Amazon tomorrow so that they’ll arrive during the day 13 DPO (Saturday) so i won’t be tempted to test fo’realsies until 14 DPO. I do have a bunch of cheapies, but I just don’t like those as much. They don’t feel as “real”. Go figure.

10 DPO also means that I am well sick of the suppositories. I’m actually having some, err, irritation down yonder from them. At first I was afraid of a yeast infection, but if that were the case things would be quickly escalating to misery town all day long. What I really think it is is something akin to diaper rash from being damp, CONSTANTLY. I’m not miserable all day or anything, but when I go to the bathroom or have to insert a suppository, there’s some itchy/burning. And I keep forgetting to buy vagisil. Which I hate anyway. Blech. If I turn out to be pregnant I think I might ask for the PIO. I know those shots hurt like the devil, but I don’t think I can handle another eight weeks of vag itch. Gross. Also, you’re welcome for this ENTIRE paragraph.

One of my sweetest friends (the one who cried because she wants me to get pregnant) asks me every day how I’m feeling and if I have any twinge of a symptom she’s all “that’s it! You’re pregnant!”, which is sweet. I know it sounds bothersome, but it’s really not. She is just so genuinely hopeful. I’ve never known a more genuine person. I think if this cycle doesn’t work she may be more broken hearted than me!

But anyway, today I told her I was tired and hot (because it’s EFFING hot here and I also sort of felt like I was running a fever earlier) and she said “That’s such a good sign! You’re totally preg!”. But in reality 1.) it’s effing hot and I may have a cold on top of that 2.) Chief got a tooth pulled yesterday and had to sleep propped up on his back and kept rolling over in the night, so I kept having to wake him up to make him move, which explains both symptoms.

I really don’t think i have any symptoms. Just slight breast pain. I had some shooting pains in them a few days ago but they were brief. And as one of you darlings said, think about something long enough and you’ll have symptoms. So yeah. I don’t know whether no symptoms is good or bad. I ALWAYS think it means I haven’t ovulated, but I’ve been over that before-the conditions and signs of ovulation were all there. So I really don’t know what to think.

Dewey is still limping :-/ so he has a vet appointment tomorrow in the morning (go figure that I have to take off work twice this week for doctors appointments, and NEITHER of them are for me-that’s rare). The cats are being major jerks to him, probably because he’s so gimpy, so hopefully our regular vet can get him set up. He won’t take his pain pills, but I’ve been thinking of dissolving them in small amounts of milk and shooting it into his mouth. He loves milk. I know it’s not good for him, but a few ml can’t hurt, right? In the interest of pain killing?

Mainly, I’m just hanging around. TWW-ing. Happy Wednesday Womb Wizards.


12 thoughts on “10 DPO, 10 DPIUI

  1. I wanted to hurl my hoo-ha off a bridge when I had my oil based suppositories. I switched to Endometrin (a pill type thing that dissolves) and BAM- no more oil slick, no more itch, no more deadly threats to my hooha’s safety.

    FX that this is IT for you! And that Dewey baby gets better quick! πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, Endometrin, prometrium… so many new names to learn and symptoms to look forward to… hope the next few days pass quickly for you, and for Dewey, and it’s good news for both of you!

  3. Ugggh prometrium. 99% ends up in your undies. I have found the panty liners do make it itch less. In the beginning I fought liners, I don’t know why, but when I did start using them the burning sensation around my urethral lessened, probably cause it was no longer caked with p….

    Cats are such jerks. I love them, but they really are bullies. I’m glad Dewey is feeling better.

    Your strategic test buying is impressive! And now I think I should start my stalkathon on Saturday πŸ™‚

  4. Good for you for waiting to test! I don’t have that much patience. I did not enjoy Prometrium. Hang in there! Thinking of you and Dewey! ❀

  5. The IUI cycle that my wife got pregnant, she had close to no symptoms whatsoever, besides “normal” PMS type symptoms, and even those were less than usual. Every other (failed) ICI/IUI attempt, she had TONS of symptoms and we were constantly visiting Google to find out more. She was convinced she wasn’t pregnant to the point where she peed on the stick and left it for me to look at it because she couldn’t bear a no – turned out to be a yes. So you never know πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed!

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