We are All Fine Here

Isn’t that the title of…something? A book, a movie maybe? I can’t remember. Anyway.

It’s Friday. It’s 12 DPO, 12 DPIUI. Two days until testing day. My FRER’s are coming via Amazon prime tomorrow sometime.

Symptoms? Somewhat sore breasts, some very low grade cramping, emotional to an extreme, itchy face bumps.

Do I think I’m pregnant? No, not really.

I’m not being negative, I’m just saying I don’t FEEL pregnant. I also feel like maybe it would be asking too much to be that girl who gets pregnant with one IUI. I mean, I’d love it, but that sort of thing just doesn’t really happen, right?

But in general, we are all fine. I’m not talking about testing with Chief, mainly because I want him to forget that Sunday is the day so that I can get up early and sneak into the bathroom and do it by myself. I know that sounds selfish and dumb, but I like to have a few minutes to process the result without someone staring at me, waiting for my reaction. I’m a weirdo, I know you’re all shocked. This way gives me the advantage of either:

a.) Bouncing into the bedroom on cloud nine shrieking “I’M PREGNANT!”


b.) Getting back into bed, sleeping for a few more hours, and waking up and saying, “Oh, BTW the test was negative. Looks like it’s time for round two.” Trying to be casual and unaffected. You know, like you do.

The cramps make me feel like my period is coming, rapidly, even though they’re just light ones and I KNOW they’re also an early pregnancy symptom. I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW. But I’ve never been pregnant, so all I can associate them with is the onset of the red demon.

In Dewey news, I have no news. He is at the vet now under sedation getting closer x-rays to make a final determination on surgery. I have a sort of grim resolve that it’s going to happen and we’ll deal with it. He’ll be okay, we’ll all be okay. I know some people don’t get how I could get so worked up over a cat, but I don’t need their approval to love my sweet little guy as much as I do, or to feel upset about what’s going on with him. He’s my angel and has been my saving grace more than one time over a negative pregnancy test, bad blood work results, and crappy ultrasounds. Not to mention break-ups, make-ups, divorced parents, car accidents, surgery, and any number of bad things. I love ALL of my pets, but Dewey is the one who most loves being around his mama-and that’s me.

So anyway. I’m waiting on the vet’s phone call perhaps even more anxiously than I wait on a phone call from the RE.

Best of luck to Lucy50 who is getting her beta done today. Crossing my fingers for you girl!


10 thoughts on “We are All Fine Here

  1. It made me think of the movie title “the kids are alright”. Good luck being one of those people who gets pregs on your first IUI! I’m hoping to be that person too in a week! πŸ™‚

  2. Aw, thanks for the support! I’m trying to keep up the positive energy. I just got back from the doctor’s office. They were crowded. Always seem to be crowded on a Friday morning. I’m hoping Dewey is ok, and your tests arrive, and that your feeling about yourself is wrong. I mean, my feeling about my test being negative is fine, but other people’s feelings about negative things are always wrong. πŸ˜‰

  3. It is so confusing how pregnancy and AF symptoms are so similar. I actually have more cramping at the beginning of pregnancy than I do before AF, but as a RPLer, that opens a whole new can of worms.
    Also, I’ve always tested in secret. I don’t see how women can handle the pressure of someone else also anxiously awaiting the results. I don’t think my bathroom could hold that much anxiety.
    Whether or not you’re pregnant, you’ve got an awesome RE and a game plan, so things are going to be ok. But I sure am crossing my fingers for the pregnant option.

  4. The only early pregnancy symptom I ever had was cramping. Followed by more cramping and some spotting. So sometimes even when all signs point to NO, you still wind up with a big fat YES. I’m really, really hoping that’s the case for you. πŸ™‚

  5. I always test in secret – although it’s been so long now since I’ve tested (can’t bear seeing another negative test) it’s all a distant memory. I really hope there are two pink lines waiting for you. Hopefully the cramps are a sign that it is going to be good news for you and Dewey.

  6. As far as cramping goes, for me I did get LOTS of it before my BFP after our IUI. The only difference for me between the AF cramps and the pregnancy ones were that AF generally feels like cramping inwards, whereas the pregnancy ones felt like stretching outwards. I especially felt them when using the restroom. Hope that helps! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Happy thoughts!

  7. I love my cats to death, they are our babies and we treat them as such. Don’t feel weird cause your not! Your so close to the end of the TWW and I’m sure your ready for it, crossing everything I can for you that YOU are the girl that gets pregnant the first IUI.

  8. Oh, lady, I’m crossing my fingers! I seriously thought that damn period was on its way this last cycle and even contemplated having some wine before I tested. The cramps were almost exactly the same. I’ll be thinking of you, Hun!!

  9. Those last couple of days are such a very anxious time! I actually hate those last couple of days the most… My brain is always in overdrive mode wondering whether or not I’m pregnant. Basically, I spend two days convincing myself I am pregnant and I’m not pregnant over and over again! I wish you the best of luck!

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