No need to squint

There’s no second line. IUI #1 is a BFN.

I could type forever about how disappointing this is (because it is, it really, really is), but at this point all I need to be doing is getting ready for Dewey’s surgery next week (on Wednesday, btw) and hoping for better from next cycle.

Thanks for sticking by me. I guess it’s time for round two.


19 thoughts on “No need to squint

  1. I’m so very sorry. 😦 I wish I had the words to make everything okay, but we both know I don’t. Hugs! ❤

  2. Sweet lady, I am so sorry. That devastation of having a good cycle, all the pieces falling into place, and then nothing… It’s bloody awful. Hugs and, if I could, sending you wine. Thinking of you, girl.

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