Dewey pictures

When he first came home he really struggled:



The signatures on his cast!




He’s better today, but very sedate and wanting a lot of alone time, which makes momma sad:





11 thoughts on “Dewey pictures

    • He is pretty unhappy, which makes momma unhappy. But there’s just nothing to be done for it. The vet offered to take it off, but then we’d have to cone him and im pretty sure that would piss him off more. Eight more days….

  1. Poor Me-Meow!! He will start to feel better. A lot of pain meds, especially the opiods, can cause dysphoria. Our dog post-surgery was apparently seeing purple elephants and unicorns. The biggest concern would be him continuing to feel better and not get worse. I would expect each day to be a little bit better.
    As for the bloody urine, UTIs can cause that but cats can get a stress inflammation of their bladders too. If it persists or he struggle, definitely give the vets a call! Hugs, honey, I have faith that he is going to be good as new!!

    • Thanks for the advice! He is still eating and drinking normally and he had his first post op bowel movement tonight which was completely normal thank goodness. He isn’t straining when passing urine or stool, so I’m hoping that whether it be a UTI or an inflammation that it’s getting better. I feel like he’s in pain because of how quiet and sad he seems, but he won’t take the tramadol at all. I even mixed it with some milk and he lapped a little bit and then figured me out :-/

  2. Poor little guy! There are few things worse than when our animals are in pain and unhappy. I hope he is feeling much better soon.

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