Metformin, Bad Ultrasounds, New Jobs, and Frozen Sperm

Well if that title didn’t hook you I can’t think of one that will. Let’s proceed:

1. Metformin. Ugggghhhhh. I know it’s going to get better, and in some ways it has. But I still just don’t want to eat that much, and then I don’t eat, and then my blood sugar gets super low and that makes me sick. In fact, the low blood sugar sickness (nausea, shakes, weakness) is worse than the metformin sickness (mostly diarrhea just to be honest). I’m going to get the hang of it. I’m trying.

2. I had my CD 11 monitoring ultrasound today and he saw….nothing. A bunch of small follicles on both sides. By now I should be blown up like a whale. He has two theories: 1) I already ovulated. This would REALLY. SUCK. Because here are the events that have kept me from having sex with my husband this cycle a) period b) traumatic cat surgery and recovery c) Met. FREAKING. Formin. Seriously y’all. NO SEX. If I just ovulated and end up pregnant you can just call me the virgin freakin’ Mary because that’s some immaculate conception. 2) I haven’t ovulated, and I haven’t responded to the letrozole. This one seems less likely because I ALWAYS respond to the letrozole. They took my blood today to check progesterone and will call me. If I haven’t ovulated he gave me a script for 7.5 mg of letrozole a day to start tonight and we’ll see if we can get it going.

Here are my thoughts on this. I would almost rather it be option number one: early ovulation. This would tell me that my body is working, possibly working even better on metformin. It also leaves time for an IUI before chief leaves for Alaska (and he’s okay with doing frozen sperm if that’s what has to happen). Option number two bothers me. I don’t want to start not responding to letrozole. I’ve always had such a great response to it. It scares me that things could be getting worse. So while I want a shot at this cycle, I think I would rather know that my body is working and getting better and just chalking this one up to bad timing. Either way, it really sucks.

3. I’m applying for a new job, which is sort of crazy. I had no intentions of applying for a new job. I wasn’t looking. I’m happy for the most part where I am. But a really great management opportunity came up in the community next to mine. I would get to open a new library next year and run my own building. I also would cut my commute down by about twenty minutes and no longer have to fight traffic. I’m overqualified based on their standards. They’re not asking for a masters degree, supervisory experience is optional, and they only want someone with two years of library experience. Y’all, I’ve got the masters, I’ve got the supervisory experience, and I’ve got almost ten years of library experience.

When I first saw the listing I just ignored it and said I had it good enough where I was and I needed to leave it. My work is flexible with me about my cat surgeries and my doctors appointments and my boss is great. But no less than three people emailed me and asked if I was going to apply so I really started to think about it. So I’m applying. We’ll see what happens.

4. Frozen sperm. What is there even to say about this. Chief is totally willing. Once again this morning when I called him upset he just said “The doctor will get everything worked out and I’m sure it’s fine”. DAMNIT CHIEF JUST BE SAD WITH ME GAH! So after that I started texting him some about maybe being able to fit in a cycle before he left. It would be cutting it close, and he said he would produce a sample early and do whatever he needed to do for us to get a shot in before I got on the plane myself. Doing half of a TWW in Alaska wouldn’t be bad honestly. But does freezing sperm decrease chances? I mean, obviously people use it all the time successfully, but with Chief’s last sample being a little on the low side I worry about it. Thoughts?

I’ll find out “after 3:00” (central time) if I’ve ovulated or not. Stay tuned.


14 thoughts on “Metformin, Bad Ultrasounds, New Jobs, and Frozen Sperm

    • Thanks. I still have mixed feelings about it. I obviously want the instant gratification of still having a shot at this cycle, but in the long run I know it would be better to have already ovulated and just set my sights on next cycle when i should be feeling much better.

  1. Good luck with the new job! It sounds perfect, and since you would be running the show perhaps there will still be the flexibility from your current job. I think Chiefs sample won’t really be that much of an issue in using frozen sperm. You will have some that don’t survive the process, but then again think of how many don’t make it into the vagina at all after sex. I really hope you get everything all worked out.

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