Ummm….what? EWCM without a mature follie?

So…..I just went to the bathroom and had a decent amount of stretchy mucus. But yesterday my biggest follicle was 13 mm. There’s NO WAY one could have matured by now…right?


I’m freaking out a little here. I’m not scheduled to go in for a check-not even an IUI, just a check-until Tuesday. Is this just a weird hormonal swing?


16 thoughts on “Ummm….what? EWCM without a mature follie?

  1. I always always had lots of EWCM when I was on fertility meds. I was always worried I was ovulating or something but the nurses always told me it was just the hormones. It had me stressed out each month.

  2. I’ve heard the same thing about fertility meds. I had a ton of EWCM (when I don’t usually get it) after my surgery when I was on a heaping amount of estrogen. I think it was early in the cycle too. According to my temp chart that month, I didn’t ovulate until a week later.

      • Lol ME TOO!!! I even drew a picture of what I have deemed mussoluterini in my picto diary after my RE described it. We use preseed ti make sure there are always proper spulunking conditions. Such a painn. At least you currently have a prime environment…. hopefully that means your follicles are getting nice and juicy!

  3. You can get egg white at any point in your cycle. Especially if you get aroused so be careful not to check if you are aroused. Keep checking your CM and CP, don’t freak out, our bodies are meant to give us precursors.

  4. Typically (in regular, textbook cycles of which most of us are not familiar with…) EWCM happens a few days BEFORE ovulation do the sperm can be waiting when the egg is released. Since they live longer, it’s only fair for them to wait… So this could be a sign of ovulation in a few days- either way it’s great!

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