From Cranky to Concerned

So, you guys know how I mentioned I’ve been having some ovarian pain?

I don’t think I mentioned that in the last few days it’s gotten so bad that I can’t sit for any length of time. I’m constantly up walking around my office. If I sit for too long I get a really sharp unpleasant pain in my lower left (you know, the side my dud follicle is on?). To a certain extent I can feel it on my right as well-but the left is definitely worse.

So NOW I’m afraid I have a cyst, but I gotta tell you, this pain isn’t like any cyst pain I’ve had before.

It is PERFECTLY possible that I’ve just hurt my back, but my gut just tells me that’s not it. I buckled under and put a call in to Dr. McLadyParts about it. I know they’re just going to ask if I want to come in and have him look, and I DON’T WANT TO. I don’t want to go to that office unless there’s some hope of something good.

What I’m hoping they’ll do is call back and say “Oh that’s a perfectly normal thing with a super official name that sometimes happens from a PIO shot. And by the way, your period should start any moment.”

But please. I think we all know that’s not going to happen.

At this point if he wanted to put me on a round of BCP’s I’d be fine with that. I honestly can’t care that much anymore. The Gonal isn’t going to go bad over the next month in my fridge. What I do NOT want to happen is any of the following scenarios:

1) a horrific period while I’m in or traveling to Alaska
2) any kind of period while I’m in or traveling to Alaska
3) A cyst rupture while I’m in or traveling to Alaska
4) Dealing with this unexplained pain while in or traveling to Alaska. NINE FUCKING HOURS ON A PLANE AND I CAN’T SIT FOR MORE THAN TEN MINUTES AT A TIME? No, thank you.

I need to get this shit UNDER CONTROL.


12 thoughts on “From Cranky to Concerned

    • They never called back :-/ I called after the cut off for the day and I don’t feel like it’s urgent enough for the after hours. I expect I’ll hear tomorrow. For now I’m at home on the heating pad which is the only thing that helps. You’re sweet to be concerned!

  1. I also have a pain in my lower left side that was off and on for a couple days and woke me up this morning. It’s also on my “dud side”. No follicles over there on the last scan, but no cysts either. The doc told me it could just be gas!

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