Finally heard from the doctors office

I feel…non plussed.

I spoke to a nurse that I’ve interacted with before. She’s not my favorite-she’s very gruff. I once saw her give a girl a real dressing down for not getting her meds situated, and I don’t know the whole story, but the girl just seemed confused. I felt bad for her. When I had to deal with her to get MY meds ordered last week, she was okay. She wasn’t SUPER helpful, but she did give me the piece of paper that ultimately led to us getting 50% off, so that’s fine. I don’t need my hand held.

Anyway, she called me today and said “This is nurse so and so from So and So Fertility. Can I help you with something?”

So then I had to repeat my message from yesterday. I’m guessing she didn’t really listen to it? Or someone else listened to it and told her to call me? Most thankfully, my pain is virtually gone today, leading me to believe that maybe I had a cyst and that it’s either ruptured or shrunk. So I told her I wasn’t so concerned about the pain so much anymore, but that I was a little worried that my period wasn’t here yet. She said it could take up to ten days, so that would be Friday. I then said that I was now concerned that my period would interfere with my trip, and she said if I don’t get my period by Friday they can give me a pack of birth control to take which would probably hold it off for when I’m in Alaska, which I’m fine with honestly. I’ll probably get the Rx on Friday but wait to start them until Sunday, just to give Saturday one last chance to be potential CD 1.

I’ve become pretty zen about it today. It’s so out of my hands at this point. I of ALL people know that if the PIO doesn’t work there’s nothing they can do to make it come in time. And that’s fine. September will be fine. It’ll all be fine.

I want a baby, but Chief and I need a break so bad. Work has been tough lately. Yesterday I was hit on, called rude, and told I was petty by three different patrons. I’m beginning to wonder what possessed me when I took this job (not this one in particular, but the job of librarian). So right now it’s really important to me that endometriosis and PCOS have no place in our vacation. I’m not flying across the country to be stuck in a hotel room with my percocet and a heating pad.

Thanks for all your continued support, and thanks for caring so much about this girl you don’t even know. You guys are the bestest!


9 thoughts on “Finally heard from the doctors office

  1. I’m glad you have less pain now and a plan. I’m sorry that people aren’t treating you well at work. 😦 I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip! ❤

  2. So glad to hear you are feeling better! And agreed that a vacation will be good for you guys. In case it’s helpful–last year I did a Clomid cycle and did not ovulate (as usual…why I did repeated Clomid cycles anyway is another question!!). So the RE prescribed Provera to induce a period so that we could start over with Femara. Although I’d always gotten a period within a few days (5 max, usually less) after finishing a Provera course, this time I didn’t ….and didn’t and didn’t. They finally did an ultrasound and found that I’d actually ovulated a few days after stopping the Provera. (So I did eventually get my period, but not for 17 days after stopping Provera, or presumably 14 after ovulating.) They told me that progesterone can sometimes have that effect. (I had no idea.) Anyway, obviously have no idea if that’s your situation, but given your pain yesterday I wonder whether it’s a possibility? Just in case you want to try to take advantage….

    Anyway, I hope all resolves one way or the other, and soon, and that you are able to relax on the vacation!

  3. I don’t blame you for taking a break. I’ve decided to take a month or two off, also.
    I’m worn out by the drugs and the non-stop visits to the RE for blood work and ultrasounds. I’m tired and cranky pretty much all the time.

    And now I think I’m dealing with OHSS (will know for sure tomorrow).

    A break sounds damn good.

  4. How frustrating that your period still hasn’t shown up. I hope she finds her way in time for your Alaskan vacation, but if not, thermacare has some awesome pads that heat up just like a heating pad. I use them when I go to work and it’s a real relief.

  5. You’ve got to have a break. This process is brutal. Endless cycles of hope and grief. I hope a break helps your marriage and your sanity. Working out, though I hate it, is the only thing that works for me.

  6. Ugggh, I hear that. We’re trying to plan our trip to portland around all this IVF jazz and it’s like playing calendar chess: if this, then this…. Guh, will be nice for you to get a break and not think about ttc for a bit!

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