Job interview in the morning

For a job I have serious doubts about whether I want.

Sleepless night, party of one.

Wish me luck? I guess? Maybe?


10 thoughts on “Job interview in the morning

  1. Hey, nothing ventured nothing gained. Even if you don’t take the job (which you don’t have to even if they offer), gives you some food for thought and a new life contact. Good luck, either way 🙂

  2. Good luck! Prayers and best wishes for you! You can always turn it down if they offer it but I always think it’s a great idea to at least get the interview experience! You got this!

  3. Good Luck!!! 🙂 Whenever I had an interview for a job I just wasn’t sure about and got an offer, I would always counter with my “Dream Scenario” 5 weeks vacation, and a paycheck amount that if they agreed to, I couldn’t refuse. I did that with my most current position (because I really loved my last job) and when they came back and said OK, when can you start? I just HAD to take it. Ended up being the best decision ever. So- that’s my advice! If they offer it to you, and you are still on the fence, counter with your dream scenario! If they cant give it to you, say no thanks! 🙂

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