Another one of THOSE posts

No, not a pregnancy announcement. The two unpregnant ones of you out there can breathe again.

It’s one of those posts where I have to make myself feel better about not being pregnant. I do it occasionally. The recent rash in pregnancies around here has really kicked this girl while she’s down. Not y’all’s fault, just stating a fact.

So here is where I list the things that I can still do because I’m not pregnant/don’t have kids. If you’re pregnant and feel like this is in anyway hostile towards you IT’S NOT. I swear. That being said, if you’re already feeling that way, go ahead and stop reading. Cause ain’t nobody got time for hurt feelings. This is purely to boost myself up, not bring anyone else down. And it’s my blog damnit. So here’s my list:

1. Feel pretty good most of the time.

2. Do Zumba 3-4 times a week

3. Drink Coffee

4. Drink alcohol (normally I don’t, but man, I think it’s coming)

5. Air travel (1.5 weeks!)

6. Stay up all night watching crappy TV (having some insomnia issues lately).

7. Eat seafood, lunchmeat, soft cheese, and eleven million other things that will be ripped from me at some point when I get pregnant. WHEN, people. WHEN.

8. Lose weight (if my body lets me)

9. Do things spur of the moment

10. Take hot baths

11. Sleep in on the weekends

12. Spend my money on new clothes and things for ME.

11. Use my heating pad on my lower back (Zumba tweaked-heating pad makes it all better)

12. Plan a trip to San Francisco next year with my mom (!)

13. Drive fast in my car

14. Go to an all night party

15. Have a sleepover with my best friend (happening next weekend!)

There are more. But that’s enough. I think the interview went okay this morning, but I had a hard time getting a read on it. If they offered it to me I still have some pretty big salary and benefit contingencies to go over. I need $5000 more a year than they’re starting it at to make it worth my while. Also, I need the other benefits to at least be comparable to what I have now. And most importantly, they need to be a little flexible with my schedule. They said they want the manager there at 8:00 am, but on my RE days it would be more like 9:00 am, and I need to know that they can handle that. I’m not going to say that I’m seeing a fertility doc, just that I have a doctor I see a few times a month and it would prevent an 8:00 start on those days.

And again, that’s all contingent on them even offering me the job. So we’ll see. I didn’t sleep much last night being nervous about this, so I am ZONKED and ready for dinner and bed.


14 thoughts on “Another one of THOSE posts

  1. I second the coffee and alcohol (wine for me) as I am indulging in both of those today! Sushi is my other go to which I will have so very soon!

  2. Today, one of my good friends gave birth four weeks early to a perfectly healthy baby (who breezed in and out of the NICU in mere hours and will be home within a few days). I found this out right after: 1) the news that another very dear friend had a missed miscarriage at 8.5 weeks, which was discovered at her 12-week scan, a month after her in-laws passed away suddenly in a different country, of a pregnancy miraculously conceived on her first IVF cycle; and 2) the only date I could get for my endometriosis laparoscopy/HSG was the day after I leave for a three-week European trip, and lord knows when they will manage to get me booked into the OR when I return (I love my Canadian healthcare, but non-urgent things move at a glacial pace). So I found it hard to be happy for my friend, with her healthy and effortlessly-conceived baby, which made me feel like a monster.

    Basically, I agree with everything on your list, most especially the alcohol (which I have deemed very necessary tonight, work tomorrow notwithstanding) and the travel (European adventures, here I come!). Some days, I will take what I can get.

    (Haha, sorry for the epic comment rant. I really should get my own blog! 🙂

  3. I hear you about the insomnia! Hugs and hugs and more hugs to you! ❤ I'm glad that your interview was okay. I hope that they'll offer it to you and give you all the things you want and need!

  4. Love the list! My favorite is sleeping in…even if it’s only til 7:30 or 8, lol. We’re not as spontaneous as we used to be now that we have the dog, but we’re about to have 3 girls for 6 days and nights and I’m in a slight panic on what we’re supposed to do with them, at least on the weekend. It’d be easier if they were close to the same age but they’re 12, 5 and 18 mo. Insomnia…I suggest Young Living’s lavender or peace and calming essential oil. 🙂

  5. LOLZ, glad to hear it. It’s been like a fucking baby parade lately. I guess it’s the heat and summer and it’s loosening people up but frankly, it’s a downer!

    My faces: #12, #7 #14 (theoretically but I’m too lazy to go to one, still, nice to know I could if I wanted to).

  6. This is a great post! I was recently diagnosed with infertility and I’m also considering having a laparoscopy, so I’m hoping to plug into a community of others dealing with similar issues. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I appreciated this…it helps to helps to have some humor about things. I feel as if my RE’s office sometimes acts so somber you’d think they were diagnosing me with a terminal illness :/

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