Part 3, or, Alaska Refuses to Let Chief Come Home and Librarian has Many Doctor’s Appointments

If you missed part 1 and/or part 2, click those links. Read a thing. There are even pictures!

So when last we spoke, I was coming home from Alaska with big swollen eyes and a sad heart. I am happy to report that my return journey was fairly uneventful. I was flying red-eye (which has so much more meaning when your eyes are ACTUALLY red). The flight from Anchorage to Dallas was completely full, so it was very uncomfortable. Luckily, I sat next to two brothers who were coming home from a fishing trip and were just lovely. So lovely that we chatted most of the flight, despite the fact that I was quickly getting sicker and should really be sleeping.

By the time we made it to Dallas, I looked….bad. Probably the worst I had in my life. Someone in the Dallas airport asked me if I had been there all night, because apparently I looked like a homeless vagrant. Not surprising. I had VERY red eyes and my sinuses were fully inflamed, snotted up, whatever you want to call them. The flight from Dallas to home was 45 minutes and excruciating. I felt like my head might explode. Luckily it was fairly empty so I had a row to myself.

My mom and step dad picked me up, and while waiting at the baggage carousel I get a call from Chief: their plane is broken and they won’t be flying out until the next day. I took this in stride. Stuff happens. Sure I was sick as a dog, but I’m also a grown up, so I could handle it. What’s one more day?

That morning I went to the urgent care clinic and saw a very nice APN who apparently was wrong about everything. She diagnosed allergic conjunctivitis and sinusitis. She gave me many prescriptions for Zyrtec D, pataday, prednisone, and also a steroid shot. With $70 worth of prescriptions you’d think I would start feeling better soon, right?

No. Wrong. Wrong-o. Very wrong.

The next day I had my first appt with my therapist (more on that later) and afterwards I felt just awful. It had been so hard to get in the car and drive there. So I wrangled a work in appt with my GP and he said it was viral conjunctivitis (yeah, that’s right, pink eye), as well as a sinus infection AND (here’s the kicker) sun-burned corneas.

Sun-burned. Fucking. Corneas. As I said on facebook, I can’t make this shit up.

So at least I finally had a reason for my misery, but I also had a bit of a row to hoe to get better. Different eye drops were prescribed. I was told to NOT take the Zyrtec D because it could slow down the healing process. I didn’t know that was a thing, but I guess it’s a thing.

On top of this, Chief’s plane didn’t get fixed, so he was delayed further. Now I’m starting to get upset. Really upset. It was time for my husband to be home. They said they would be leaving at 3:00 pm Anchorage time, getting them home at 1:00 am Wednesday our time. Fine. That sucks, but I could deal.

By Tuesday my eyes were now pink and not red but the sinus business was moving down into my chest. Luckily I was supposed to have Monday and Tuesday off anyway, but I was supposed to return to work on Wednesday. This didn’t happen. I had given the Captain a heads up that I was not improving as quickly as I would like and she was a champ about it. It’s been nearly three weeks since we’ve seen each other, but she didn’t want to see me yesterday anyway.

Also what DIDN’T happen was Chief getting on a plane Tuesday. That’s right kids. The plane was still broken. I actually broke down and cried like a baby, because I was miserable sick and ready to not be alone. But they said come Hell or high water they would be flying out on Wednesday morning. It just meant they had to take a C-130 which is the turtle of the sky. So they would be in the air for a while.

So yesterday I waited for the magical moment I would feel better. And waited. And waited. And…

It didn’t come.

It just didn’t come guys. My eyes are magnitude’s better, but I have a full blown chest cold/infection/something. I know that this probably means it’s on the way out but man, oh man. I need it to go. I can’t stop coughing, my throat is like sand paper, and I’m thirsty all the time. So last night I picked up Chief from the base (because he finally came home!) and we had chinese food for dinner and then I really tried to go to bed at a normal time-like 10:00 pm. But sleep just wouldn’t come. I tossed and tossed and tossed, but nothing. At midnight I tried a benadryl, but it just made me groggy. I finally dozed off around 3:30 am and awoke again at 6:45 am. Very groggy, very wobbly on my feet. And very much a coughing, hacking mess.

But here it is, Thursday. I am at work, although I’m going to leave at 2:00 pm. Something has to give soon, right? I cannot continue on like this. I have to work full days tomorrow and Saturday. I don’t even care that I have to work the Saturday before Labor Day-I just want to feel better. Honest to God, normally I would be bitter about being stuck here while everyone else has a lovely long weekend (including my husband), but no. If I can just feel human again I’ll happily work the entire day, on the desk the whole time if need be.

So, thoughts for healing would be good. Please.


12 thoughts on “Part 3, or, Alaska Refuses to Let Chief Come Home and Librarian has Many Doctor’s Appointments

  1. Ugh, conjunctivitis – absolutely horrible. I keep prescription viavox around the house because my son and I seem to pass it back and forth a couple time a year.

    Feel better soon!

  2. Oh you poor thing! Hope you’re feeling better very soon and happy that Chief finally made it home to you!! And how the heck did she mis-diagnose the pink eye? It was my first thought…but then again, I’m around kids constantly, lol.

    • She thought it was allergy pink eye-allergic conjunctivitis vs. viral conjunctivitis. I’m sure she thought that because my allergies were acting so horribly anyway, but it was a bummer to find out it was viral. I’ve never had pink eye (that I can remember) so I got to live that fresh hell as an adult for the first time.

  3. Oh dear! I really hope you feel better soon! I cannot believe there is such a thing as sun burned corneas. Wow! I’m glad Chief finally got home. Take good care of yourself, dear! ❤

  4. Blegh. That’s a total bummer. At the risk of sounding like a crazy person, have you tried sinus rinsing? Every time I mention this people think I’m nuts, but it is REALLY helpful. It’ll clean out your sinuses in a natural way, and make sure nothing is settling in to cause more infection.

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