Tales of a wacky work day

Told you I had a few posts in me, although this one got bumped to the top.

Okay, a little background:

On the average Saturday we have 5 library assistants (LA’s) and three pages working. Eight people between two floors, and that’s quite honestly not a lot. Especially since between the two floors we always have three programs on a Saturday.

Today, we have one person off all day, one person who left at 1:00 pm, one person who called in sick. And we had a page quit last week. If you’re doing the math on your fingers, that’s right, we’re down to two LA’s (one being yours truly!) and two pages.

Also, I just happen to be the person in charge of the building today, meaning if your manager isn’t on duty today and you have a problem, guess what, you get to call me. Except it’s not even person in charge of the building-it’s person in charge of the CAMPUS, because we have FOUR buildings now, three of which are open today. And calling person-in-charge is supposed to be sort of a last ditch effort. You’re not supposed to just call for anything.

So besides being super understaffed, the first wacky thing that happened was a person-in-charge call that of course came on my lunch break. Someone was calling from one of the other buildings saying that our theater (yes, we have one. We’re sort of fancy y’all) was advertising an event but that the doors were closed and locked and people couldn’t get in.

Me: Did you call and ask what was going on?
Them: Oh. No. I didn’t think of that.
Me: Are there lights on in the building?
Them: Hmm. I didn’t look.
Me: Ok. I’ll do it.

So I call, and they were having a private event, and the “advertisement” was a sandwich board directing invited guests to the event, so that’s where the confusion came from. It took me a 15 second phone call to figure it out. I’m not saying I’m mad or inconvenienced, because it was easy to handle, but I genuinely find it hilarious that someone called the person-in-charge to have them make a phone call. So that’s wacky thing number one.

Wacky Thing Number Two: A mom calls asking for her son, saying that she can’t find her house key so she really needs to talk to him. More than I need to know lady. I get his name and call it out. No one responds. I go into the game room and ask the kids playing if they’re named so-and-so. They say no. I move to the next clump of kids and ask them the same thing, and they say “No, so-and-so is over there” and point to the clump of kids I JUST TALKED TO. So I went back over and said:

Me: Are you sure you’re not named so-and-so?
So-and-so: Not really
Me:…..Would your mother call you so-and-so?
So-and-so: Yeah.
Me: Um, Okay, then that’s your name. She’s on the phone.
So-and-so: Are you sure? What’s the number?
Me: ARE YOU KIDDING? I don’t know. Just come talk to her.

And this was not a weird nickname style name. It was like Richard. Or Nicholas.

Seriously. I can’t make this stuff up.

Wacky Thing Number Three: We allow food and drink in the library, but in certain areas. For instance, on my floor you can have food and drink on any area that is not carpeted EXCLUDING the game room. So a little while a go a kid had a beverage from a fast food establishment and he was standing on the carpet:

Me: Please don’t drink on the carpet
Kid: Oh! I’m sorry! *Steps a foot to the right, still on carpet*
Me:…..Um. Please don’t drink on the carpet.
Kid: Uh huh *Steps even farther away from acceptable eating and drinking space*
Me: (to myself) Am I being punked? (to kid) LOOK AT WHERE YOUR FEET ARE. Please don’t drink on the carpet.
Kid: What? Oh. *physically looks down and finally finds linoleum*

I think I’d cry if it weren’t all so damn funny.


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