CD 3 Verdict Is…

This cycle is A-GO!

At least for now. I have never had such a picture perfect CD 3. Both ovaries looked good with lots of little follies and NO CYSTS. Uterine lining had two thin stripes, which he said is just fine for right now. They ran a baseline estradiol and tonight I start Gonal-F. I’m doing 75 IU for 5 days and then I go back on Saturday for a check.

Now let me just say this: I had to wait an hour and twenty minutes for my appt today. If it hadn’t been a good one I probably would be really, REALLY pissed right now. So he’s lucky that my lady parts decided to play ball this cycle. I’m hoping this means the metformin is finally doing it’s job. Because even last cycle was only 35 days. A five week cycle without stim meds is pretty amazing for me. I’m counting it as a small victory.

75 IU seems like a small dose, but I’m pretty sure I’m just used to seeing IVF doses where they want to get ALL the eggs. What do you guys think-75 IU seem par for the course for a first injectable IUI cycle?


22 thoughts on “CD 3 Verdict Is…

  1. A lot is taken into account when they choose the dose including your weight. My first IUI with Gonal-F was 100 IU and I responded okay – not great – one mature egg in the end. The second IU with Gonal-F I did 125 IU and got three mature and another that would most likely mature by IUI time.

    Good luck!!

  2. I had 100 on Gonal F, but I only have one tube. I guess I weight about the same as you. They can also change the dosage as the cycle progresses. I think it was a waste of cash — that stuff is so expensive. Without insurance making me do more IUIs, I would have just gone straight to IVF.

  3. I have friends who have done IUIs using 75IUs – they both have PCOS and successfully had follicles growing, I’ve never had IUIs, but with IVF the dose of stims is based on your test results such as AMH. My clinic aim for 5-10 eggs per cycle, but the dose will vary from 75 IU to 450 IU just depending on what each individual needs to get their ovaries to produce that number of eggs. Good luck this cycle – great start! 🙂 xx

      • I reckon that too. If you have a good egg reserve you won’t need many stims to get your ovaries going. That’s the best way – cheaper! I nearly died paying for my drugs for this cycle 😉 Got everything crossed for you xxx

  4. Just started my first injectable cycle 2 days ago with Follistim 75IUs and went in for an ultrasound this morning and had 8 growers! Still mostly small but they are in the running. I think it’s normally what they start you out with. Good luck!!

  5. I started at 75iu and got 1-2 good eggs out of it, but my AMH is also very low. So I think 75 is a good starting point! The first cycle on injects is really sort of a “soft open” where they try to sort out what dose is best for you while still keeping the cycle progressing.

    • Yep, second this. My doctor told me it was a learning curve the first cycle to see what you respond to. I started off my first cycle with 7 eggs so everything looked good. When it came down to it though, only one was mature at IUI time.

      That’s why I got the slight increase the second time around on Gonal-F. That small increase, from 100 to 112.5 (I said 125 earlier but that was wrong now that I think back) made a huge different.

      I ovulate on my own every month, too.

      No more IUI’s for me though, I’m moving on to IVF.

  6. They had me do 75iu’s of follistim for my first injectable only cycle. I will say that I was ready to ovulate a few days before I normally would so I only got one follicle out of it. Next cycle (whenever these dang cysts go away) they will up it to 100iu’s of follistim.

  7. I took 50IU of follistim for my IVF cycle #1 (with menopur, and which got cancelled) and 75 iu for my successful cycle (no menopur.) If you have PCOS, then the smaller the dose, the better!

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