Low estrogen.

Estrogen only went up to 43 (from 25.1) so I’m going to 112.5 gonal-f a day. What they told me to do is mix one normally, draw half of it up, put that half into another vial and then draw all of that and inject. He said if it’s cloudy I can add a bit more fluid.

Does this sound….right? It makes me so nervous. I go back on Monday and they may double it. We will probably have to order more meds but they can loan me some while waiting for them to come in.


12 thoughts on “Low estrogen.

  1. Eek. I wish I could help, but I’ve never used Gonal F. I mix all my drugs though and at the moment I am mixing 6 vials of powder into 2 liquids and that’s what I do – draw up one normally, inject it into the next vial, draw that up, repeat, then inject the whole lot. Bit of a faff but it’s easy once you get used to it. Hope those follies start getting a move on soon x

  2. I would totally ask for the redi-ject pens for your next gonal f prescription! Waaayyyyy easier, and they come in up to 900iu per pen so you just dial the dose, inject and go! I hope that’s an option for you for if you have to continue past this set of doses! πŸ™‚

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