And that’s how I ended up at Sonic

So. CD 13. A recheck morning.

I go in for my 7:30 appt and get there at 6:50. On the sign in sheet I write 7:00 so they don’t think I’m insane. But I like it when I’m there first. It feels like one small victory, being the first patient of the day. Beating out all those other people who wanted to be first.

I might be the tiniest bit competitive about the first appt of the day. I’m very attached to it.

So anyway. I get there and the nurses were later than the doctor! I saw him walking around at 7:25 and they didn’t show up until 7:45. Hmmph. After that they got me back pretty quick and then Dr. McLadyParts came in and we did the ultrasound. Immediately I hear “Ah! Good!” and he turns the screen and there it is. A real looking follicle. It’s still not ready, but it’s at 14 mm so it’s getting there 🙂

He wants me to do three more nights of Gonal-F at 150 (yes, I had to order YET MORE MEDS) and start OPK’s tomorrow. My LH was super low (3.7) so they don’t think I’m going to surge in the next few days, but it’s possible, so we want to be prepared and watchful. My E2 was at 137 so that’s heading in the right direction.

I’m the tiniest bit disappointed there wasn’t one more follicle hanging around. I wouldn’t mind two bites at the apple so to speak, but that’s okay. If this IUI doesn’t take I’ll tell him I’d like to try for more follies next go ’round.

Anyway, they sent me home with an “OPK Kit” which is something we didn’t have last time because they caught my surge in blood work after they had sent me home. So last time Chief had to prepare his, ahem, sample, in the office. This time they sent me home with the sterile cup, the fluid you put in the, ahem, sample, to I guess keep it stable? and an instruction sheet on what to do with it all. The fluid was refrigerated. I told them it takes me about 30 minutes to get home, and it was rush hour at this point so who knows. So they said I should pick up a cup of ice.

And that’s how I ended up at Sonic. Of course at that point I got a breakfast sandwich for myself too, because who just orders a cup of ice? That would be ridiculous. I didn’t want to look like a weirdo with my sperm stabilizing juice. The bacon and cheese toaster I ate cleared all that up. And I’m sure reassured the Sonic car hop that I wasn’t a crazy person at all!

So anyway, still hopeful! Hopefully it’ll keep growing. I don’t know why it’s going so slow. I expected it to be closer to 16 today, but he seemed happy with the results and not concerned. He’s thinking we’ll be ready to trigger by Sunday. Fingers crossed!

Weirdly enough, the follies that were trying to maybe do a thing have all disappeared on the right. There were two little 4 mm ones hanging there, but that ovary HURT when he poked it with Mr. Wandy. What’s up with that? The left one with the big guy hanging out on it didn’t hurt at all. Is that something I should be worried about? Because you know I’m not happy if I’m not worried about something.


3 thoughts on “And that’s how I ended up at Sonic

  1. I would just watch for possible cysts on that ovary…that’s what I got after my straight injectable cycle. So far they haven’t burst so that’s a plus for me…hoping when I go in for my next cd 3 u/s they will be gone without bursting!! 🙂

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