My last shot for now

It is official. IUI #2 is a go.

Today’s monitoring showed a 20 mm follie and a 10 mm endometrial lining. Perfect conditions as my RE said. LH was still low (5.7) so we triggered tonight at 8:00 pm. The IUI is scheduled for Tuesday at 10:00 am.

There’s not much more to say about this than…gosh I hope this works? Being a pessimist, I was already thinking about the timing of our next IUI cycle and the trip we’re going on in October. But I just keep telling myself that another IUI won’t be necessary. This has to be the one. Because if I don’t believe that then what’s the point in going through all this, right?

Happy Sunday.


10 thoughts on “My last shot for now

  1. I read somewhere that you know you have been trying to conceive too long when you have already pre-failed your IUI. LOL! Stay hopeful and believe in this cycle! Sending you some hugs! xo

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