It’s 3 DPO but…

My boobs FEEL like it’s 12 DPO. Seriously they hurt SO. BAD. I cannot imagine I need extra progesterone and I haven’t started the suppositories yet. Chief wants me to “take them” but dammit I don’t think I need them! Taking my bra off was awful tonight.

Color me cranky.


5 thoughts on “It’s 3 DPO but…

  1. can you ask your RE for a P4? If the levels are nice and high early on, you could skip them altogether and just get them retested when you get your bfp 🙂

    • I’m kind of a chicken about asking because i would have to admit that I haven’t been taking my prometrium for the last few days…. But I also don’t want to take them because I feel like if I do get a BFP this time and I’ve been taking them then I’ll have to keep taking them for the first trimester whether I need them or not, you know what I mean? It’s a pickle.

      • awww that is a pickle!! In that case, I say just pop on em. Endometrin is WAY less messy than the solidified oil ones- and usually cheaper too, so maybe once you run out of the ones you have you could switch over to something like that? so at least then its not sooooo bad having to keep up with them?? I hated the oily ones. I constantly felt like my panties were a slip n slide. lol (tmi?? whooops haha) so I dont blame you for not wanting to take them an entire trimester!

  2. i say go ahead and take them so that you don’t have any “regrets” later or your husband doesn’t secretly resent you for not taking them. I speak from experience (head down).

  3. I hope you feel less sore soon! I’m on the “you should probably take them” bandwagon, but obviously, you have to do what’s right for you. ❤

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