I get to see Bill Clinton speak up close tomorrow!


Y’all, Bill Clinton is one of my favorite people in this world. Seriously, he’s just amazing. If you haven’t figured out I’m from Arkansas yet then this is a big give away (although the copious amount of “y’all”‘s that I drop should have tipped you off) but at this moment I don’t care.


One of my best friends (Officer, if you remember some posts last December leading up to his wedding) was able to acquire some VERY last minute VIP seats. And by last minute, I mean he texted me tonight at 9:45 asking if I could get the day off.

And normally, Monday would be a horrible day for this. We’re usually really short handed. But this particular Monday we have two folks coming in who don’t normally. I didn’t realize this when I texted the Captain though, so I was fully expecting her to say that it just wasn’t doable, and I was going to be okay with that. Really. I hate asking for last minute time like this, but I knew I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t ask.

So when she told me that we were actually pretty well staffed and I could go I nearly died of happiness. I’m flipping out beyond belief excited. I still feel some guilt over not being at work tomorrow until 3:00 pm, but I’m hoping some up close and personal time with Bill will help with that. Also, the Christmas present I started on for the Captain. Maybe.

And I’m pretty excited to get to spend an afternoon with one of my best friends who I never get to see anymore. And so happy that my other best friend said it was okay. So much best friendage in this equation. It would only be better if the Captain could come too, because she’s also a Bill fan.


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