Remembering to be grateful

A lot of the time, if I’m honest with myself, I spend too much time thinking about what I don’t have, or what’s wrong with my life. A list of things I’ve thought of today for instance:

1. I can’t get pregnant

2. I could make more money so that I don’t have to work two jobs to (barely) afford treatments
3. I could work better hours (no saturdays or week nights)
4. My house could be fully remodeled, instead of only partially
5. I could live in a better neighborhood
6. I could be thinner
7. I could have a shorter commute

The list could go on and on. And it’s unfortunate, but sometimes I have to remember to be grateful for what I have. Tonight I have to work late unexpectedly because we’re just too short handed. I could be mad and cranky about this, except that my husband is bringing me dinner and my work out gear so I don’t have to miss Zumba. My boss is insisting I leave at 7:30 instead of 8:00 so I can still make Zumba. My coworker said she doesn’t mind being alone from 7:30 to 8:00. I have a great job, great friends, and a really great husband.

I don’t have a baby. I could have more money, a better house, a prettier body. But I have so much already.

Some remind me of this post if the test is negative in a few days.


5 thoughts on “Remembering to be grateful

  1. That is a great list of positive things at the end there. Focus on those things, it is energy better spent and that makes all the difference to the rest of what happens in life. Positive energy really helps with positive outcomes. I have to believe that!!

  2. I’m always falling in the trap of “I’ll be happy when…” Whether it’s a boyfriend, a husband, a house, a baby, a dog….I tend to think whatever I’m lacking will fill the void. I have to remember to be happy today, with what I have now! Thanks for this post, and for the reminder 🙂

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