Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?

Ahem. Sorry, had a Queen moment for a second there.

I’ve thought for a long time about what I would say in this post. But I’m just going to say it: It seems that after three years and countless amounts of money, effort, tears, and heartache that I’m pregnant.

It’s only 11 DPO. I wasn’t going to test until tomorrow, but I woke up crampy and feeling dooms dayish, so I took a wondfo using THIRD MORNING URINE. Seriously I had to force it out. It looked negative (I gave it all of thirty seconds) so I tossed it. Then of course ten minutes later I fished it out and there was a very clear, very light pink line. Picture below:


I’m having a hard time believing this is real. At first I wrote it off as trigger, but that was 13 days ago and the last time I tested out my trigger it was gone by 9 days past trigger. Plus I don’t think it would be that dark. Right? Right? RIGHT?

I’m kind of losing my mind. I’m of course terrified of this being chemical or worse, but I’m also allowing myself to keep the faith and believe just a little bit. If this turns out to be the real deal and lasts we will hit the second trimester on December 23rd-perfect timing to tell Chief’s parents while we’re there. I’m already thinking of all sorts of cutesy ways to do it.

But I’m still very much in “this is not possible” mode, because at Target today I averted my eyes from maternity wear and baby things like I always do. I’m not a member of that club yet. I’m just can’t believe it ACTUALLY worked.

It worked, right?


28 thoughts on “Is this the real life?

  1. That’s a good line for 11 dpo. If you look back know to mine at 12 dpo in July it’s about the same. I would say your beta would be about 10miu today based off your stick. When mine was a bit lighter than yours my beta was 7, but when it was like yours it was 10. Go get a beta so you can have it on file either way. Hope this is your dream baby and that he or she sticks good and hard!

    • Thanks girl! I’m going to call on Monday and hopefully they’ll get me in on Tuesday, which will be exactly 14 DPO for a blood test. This being my first, gulp, pregnancy I have NO IDEA what to expect from my body. The cramps seriously freak me out, but I’m trying to not let them because a) I know cramping is completely normal and expected in pregnancy and b) if it were my period I wouldn’t start cramping until the day before, and I have a 16 day luteal phase normally, so this is still too early even for my period.

      • The cramping is totally normal and I have yet to hear of anyone NOT having cramping of some kind right around now. I would try to get your beta today if there’s still time for you to do so where you live, but I understand that may not be available. Try to keep the testing to once a day at the same time so the differences in color don’t stress you out. I will be waiting with baited breathe on Monday for your results.

      • OH there’s definitely no time to do it today-It’s already 6:00 pm 🙂 I think even if I called in the morning they would still say don’t come in until Monday-they really like you to wait until close to 14 DPO. I might call through the medical exchange tomorrow and see what Dr. McLadyParts wants to do 🙂

  2. That is a beautiful line! I am so excited for you! Cramping is completely normal, so don’t let it freak you out too bad. I cannot wait to see what your test will look like tomorrow morning! I will be praying it’s nice and dark!

      • Yea the cramps can be pretty strong at times. I had them pretty bad when I got pregnant with my son, and they were so bad I was convinced that my period was coming. I was shocked when I found out I was actually pregnant. If they get too bad just try to sit down and relax awhile, and drink lots of water!

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