Ladies! Decorum Please!

In a fit of trying to embrace pregnancy and not worry about anything bad happening, I downloaded not one, not two, but THREE pregnancy apps on my phone.

One of them is the BabyCenter app and when you put your due date in you are automatically put into a “birth club” message board group that has other people due in the same month as you.

And what I’m learning is that women outside of the blogosphere but still on the internet are AWFUL. Seriously. It had been such a long time since I had really spent much time on message boards that I had forgotten how mean and troll-y people can be, but geez louise. Some of these ladies are just mean. There must be something about not having to deal with IF that gives some women a sense of entitlement to put others down. I haven’t made any posts or anything, but I was just flipping through yesterday and came across several really cruel ones-for instance, a bunch of “mean girls” were making fun of newly excited pregnant ladies putting up bump pictures at 4 weeks. We all know there isn’t a “bump” there, but who cares? They’re excited and documenting things from the very beginning. Good for them-lemme tell you, ain’t nobody seeing my belly anytime soon. I need the baby to grow and stretch out some of this fat I have first.

Here is my point-I LOVE YOU GUYS. I’m so glad that YOU are my support system and not those crazy preggos.

Oh, you want to talk Beta now? Well I got nothin-sorry. They drew my blood just a little over an hour ago and I’ll hear this afternoon. The nurse was really sweet and chatty with me today. Apparently the nurse who returns the messages told her that I had multiple positive tests (because yeah, I might have mentioned that) and she asked me about them, and then we both agreed that today would be the longest day ever.

And it will.


22 thoughts on “Ladies! Decorum Please!

  1. I downloaded the bump app too and TOTALLY AGREE! THOSE BITCHES IS CRAY! Also, I have come across several women on there who are blatantly faking a pregnancy. (Beta’s of 1, then 2, then 4, but oh- positive CB digi’s. One woman who found out she was “having identical twins” at 4 weeks pregnant. Legit) its just, so…. wow. Yeah. BUT the weeks calendar and all the little tidbits and stuff are awesome. 🙂 What were the other two that you downloaded?! Im always looking for some new good ones…. 🙂

  2. I’m a bbc addict, but I’ll admit I didn’t get that way until AFTER my son was born. Pregnancy hormones make people cray-cray. And fertile peeps just don’t get how scary pregnancy is for us infertile types. I have met some amazing friends through my birth club, though. If you can weed out the crazy, it’s really nice to have people with kids the same age to compare notes with.

    Eagerly anticipating your beta!

  3. Ugh! I have a troll on my blog that comments frequently and so I am not sure I can handle a message board. I would lose it! On another note….you had me…I thought I would be reading a beta number at the end of your post. haha! I think I will be stalking your blog and refreshing my screen all day long today 🙂 xo

  4. I agree, the women on Babycenter can be super hateful. What is really surprising are the women who have dealt with IF/loss and are still ugly trolls. I pretty much just stalk my birth board–compare my bump, look at some of the silly FTM questions that I also have, etc.
    I know today will be the longest ever, but you ARE pregnant and your tests were so dark that your betas should be fine. I have so much hope and excitement for you right now!

      • That’s how we were with our tests and ultrasounds. They would tell us that the baby was healthy and everything looked great and we just keep staring at them and saying “Really? Are you sure?” After five miscarriages a healthy pregnancy is hard to wrap your head around. It will sink in eventually 🙂

  5. The BabyCenter people are the WORST. There are still some boards that I follow, specifically IF and IVF and High Risk stuff, in case my experiences are ever helpful to anyone else having a hard time. The rest, like the birth clubs I just hate-read. Idiots and bitches, everywhere.

  6. Those women are catty and insecure. Plus, I believe WHOLEHEARTEDLY that infertility causes us to be more empathetic. We will always be here for you-especially all us “recovering” infertiles. Hugs!

  7. I downloaded the Bump a and joined What to Expect. One of them put me in a birth month club board thing and I was just thinking the same thing- awful! I scrolled through today and was just annoyed.

  8. Oh yes I had the same shock – most of the non infertiles are terrible!! And baby center seems to have the meanest for sure. Made me love how supportive and wonderful our community is even more!

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