Allowing myself to hope

So. Yesterday. It went well.

And now it all just feels like it really is going to happen. This baby, inside me right now, is going to be a Little Human outside of me in nine months (give or take). My little Junebug.


So anyway, they set up my first ultrasound. I’ll be 6w2d and it’s on October 30th. Luckily Chief and I are going on a trip next week for our three year anniversary (totally planned before this big surprise!). We’re going to Atlanta to visit the giant aquarium, and the zoo, and the botanical gardens, and whatever else we can fit in (maybe the Coke museum?). I’m really excited and HOPING that morning sickness holds off until 6 weeks so traveling isn’t too tough. This is so well timed because it takes five days of obsessing about the ultrasound out of the picture. At least somewhat. We’ll be too busy having fun 🙂

Speaking of having fun, I’m terrified of having sex. I don’t think it’s going to make me miscarry or anything (some studies show that it actually leads to lower miscarriage numbers). It’s just that I’m still sort of crampy, particularly at the end of the day, and who wants to get jiggy with it like that? Chief hasn’t even MENTIONED it, so I know he’s probably afraid of hurting the baby. If the crampiness can go away and the first U/S goes well, I think we can get past this hurdle.

Also, I chickened out on stopping my met. I’m just too afraid of stopping it in the first trimester without express orders from my doctor, so I opted for taking lopramide, which they said is safe but to be careful with, because it could quickly turn the diarrhea into constipation. It’s what I’d been taking to manage my diarrhea on met before I was pregnant and so far it’s working out okay. I took one last night and I don’t feel stopped up or anything. Yet. And no more diarrhea. This is also helping me pee less, because in an effort to rehydrate quickly between bouts of diarrhea I was chugging water and having to go CONSTANTLY. Now it’s only every few hours. Not so bad.

All in all, I feel pretty normalish right now. I still want to tell EVERYONE of course, and I’ve started stressing a little about money, but we’ll be okay. I always have extra money for buying clothes and stuff, so that’s going to come to an end anyway (other than maternity staples to get me through). I did buy some maternity summer dresses on sale from Target. They were super cheap-like $8.00 each. And I figure by June I’ll be huge and need them!

My breasts are already stretching my dresses up top a little. I don’t see myself wearing anything with a zipper for a good while. I’ve also ordered a chalkboard so that we can start taking weekly pictures and I can draw what the week is and the fruit that my baby is mimicking. If it comes in time I can start with week six (blueberry). Week five will be Tuesday and I don’t think it’ll be here by then, plus Junebug will be the size of a sesame seed by then, which is not attractive to draw in chalk. Or ever.

And finally, in a true show of letting my heart hope, Chief and I started thinking about nursery designs and looking at pictures last night. We also picked some of our favorite names-we don’t agree on too many! We’ve agreed that if it’s a girl I get to pick first and he gets to pick middle and visa versa for a boy. Of course, we both get veto power so that no one is just miserable with a name. We both agree that we have to at least “like” the names.

It’s so early. We are crazy. Crazy in love with our Little Human and so hoping they stay for a while.


31 thoughts on “Allowing myself to hope

  1. Enjoy the excitement and hope and wonder! And have so much fun in ATL! We were just there and the aquarium is gorgeous!

  2. So sorry metformin has been so rough on you! But I’m glad your Dr. Was able to give you an alternative medicine. Don’t worry that you’re too early to be planning, enjoy every moment! Check out Old Navy for some adorable maternity clothes. That’s where I always got mine, and I always found the clothes from there held up well and they were affordable. Have fun on your trip with your hubby!

  3. I didn’t feel like sex in way shape or form until like the end of my third trimester. And even now, it’s like…meh. If you’ve got the drive and it doesn’t result in spotting, get yo’ freak on.

    • Yeah I don’t really have the drive yet. I mean, I don’t feel bad, but I think I’m still in the shock and awe mode that all I can do is think about these next few weeks. Sex isn’t really on my mind.

  4. When DH and I decided that I stay home, I was nervous about money. I got the book “Baby Bargains” and it really helped us budget well. We have bought all our baby things and are very much UNDER budget. For maternity clothes, I recommend waiting till Destination Maternity has a BOGO free sale on their redlines. I bought the majority of my maternity clothes from there for only like $120 which included shipping. OH, and check out your local Old Navy store–they don’t have a maternity section in many physical stores, but people buy maternity online and then return it to stores. Since the store can’t inventory them, they go on the clearance rack for half off.

  5. so excited for you! please check with your doctor on the metformin and loperamide – my pharm resource classifies loperamide as class C – meaning potential fetal risk though not confirmed by studies.

    • They said it was ok as long as I wasn’t taking it a lot. The internet does seem to have mixed feelings on it, but mostly positive. I think/hope that the benefits of not getting too dehydrated will out weigh the risk. And hopefully I won’t have to take it again. I took one last night and haven’t needed to since then!

  6. So happy for you! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful trip! For what it’s worth, we were told not to have sex until after the first ultrasound. Also, I was taking 4 pills of Metformin daily, but I’ve started feeling queasy and am now just taking two at night. It seemed to help a little. I don’t know how much you’re taking, but you might ask about reducing it if you don’t feel well. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs! 🙂

    P.S. When do you think you will tell people that you’re pregnant? We’re in conversations about it now . . .

    • I’ve told my closest friends who knew what we were going through. We’ve kind of made a schedule. If the first US goes well I think we’ll tell my mom after that. Then my dad later if I can get by without him noticing-maybe around thanksgiving. Then chiefs parents at Christmas which is when we’ll hit the 2nd trimester and go public 🙂 what are you guys thinking?

      • My parents already know, but C’s don’t. A couple of my friends know. We were thinking of telling C’s family around Thanksgiving. I don’t know if it’s too early or not. We’ll be around 14 weeks then, I think? I don’t want to go public until the second trimester either but today I just started feeling like I wanted to tell everyone. 🙂 I know your ultrasound is going to be great. It’s awesome! ❤

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