I can’t hear but….

I’m also in NO pain, and that is glorious.

But seriously I can’t hear. Just on the bad side, but it makes everything muffled.

Also, I just had my first strong craving. Fried chicken and fresh basil calzone. The waitress looked at me cross-eyed.

Thank you all for being so supportive. Last night was traumatic to say the least, but it could have been so much worse if the emergency room staff hadn’t been so wonderful, especially when I continually told them I was pregnant and didn’t want to do or take anything that would hurt our tiny lentil sized baby. I never want to have anyone reach into my ear with tweezers again, but if I do I’m driving back to Atlanta to have it done.


5 thoughts on “I can’t hear but….

  1. OKAYYYYYYY. What was the object? How did it get there? Feeling icky worried.
    MUCH sympathy for you on your vacation and totally understanding the pregnant worry with doctors and meds and ALSO SUPER EXCITED for you with the pregnancy.

    • Here is where i look dumb. When i first noticed signs of an ear infection i started putting a cotton ball in the ear when id shower to keep water out. Then yesterday morning i couldnt find my cotton balls, so i just put a folded up tissue in instead. This was my big stupid mistake. They had to really work hard to get it out because everytime they would get a hold of it pieces would tear off because wax had built up around it (probably as some weird ear defense mechanism). It was crazy painful getting it out but as soon as it was and my drum had popped it was INSTANTANEOUS relied.

      And thanks- WE ARE TOO!!!

  2. Having your eardrum burst and a foreign object removed sounds like the stuff of horror movies! But, I’m glad you aren’t in pain any longer! I would use the not hearing as an excuse for as long as I could!

  3. I’m so very sorry that you had to go through all of that, but I’m glad that things are looking up! Take care of you and baby. Hugs! ❤

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