Well, so much for that

That amazing relief I was feeling? It was all a sham. The last two days have been horribly painful. Can’t sleep at night from the pain. The drive home today was punctuated by me twisting in my seat and sobbing. I’ve seriously never had such awful pain.

So I went to the urgent care and they said my outer ear is so infected that it’s almost swollen shut. She prescribed ciprodex, and said it was category c. She wants me to do two doses today and one in the morning and talk to my RE about whether or not to continue. I’m so frightened of what this could do to our Junebug, but she said if I don’t get this taken care of my ear is going to close up and they’ll have to “wick” it, which would apparently be bad.

I was so determined to take hardly anything during pregnancy and now I feel like a freaking pharmacy.


9 thoughts on “Well, so much for that

  1. Ugh hope you feel better!

    Can you see your regular doctor (do you have one) or an ENT? Sometimes the Urgent Care doctors can be a bit clueless…

  2. Definately agree wih ear drops for infection, better than oral antibiotics, will clear infection quicker. Feel really bad for you, best wishes for a speedy recovery and looking forward to hearing about the first ultrasound! Best moments of my life..

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