Lifestyles of the Deaf and Pregnant

So, I’m almost 6 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) and I can’t hear and have stuff oozing out of my ear. Not the sort of pregnancy symptoms I envisioned.

However, my pain is….less. It’s not gone by any means, but it’s less. I’ve discovered that the ice pack is my friend. I came to work today. I had sort of planned on not if I was hurting and giving myself one more day to heal, but someone else was sick so I felt like I needed to. I only woke up a few times last night for pain which is a big improvement. I am tired today, and I’m sure I look it, but I feel like I’m on the mend, so that’s positive.

I got an appt with my GP for tomorrow at 3:30 and one with an ENT on Nov 12th. It’s very bothersome that I can’t hear and that my ear fills stuffed with cotton, but I’ll take it over excruciating, mind numbing pain. Right now I just have steady, medium grade pain. The drops have a corticosteroid in them, so I’m hoping that they’re actually working and I’m healing, and that this isn’t just the steroid talking.

The ear pain has been so all consuming that I haven’t really been paying attention to anything else about my body. I couldn’t tell you if my boobs hurt the last couple of days when I took my bra off or not, because the pain in my head has been so. freaking. awful. Which of course makes me worried about Junebug. No bleeding or anything, really no symptoms at all. No morning sickness. Nothing.

Thursday (first ultrasound day) can’t get here soon enough. Come on Junebug. I’m sorry I’ve been distracted these last few days.


21 thoughts on “Lifestyles of the Deaf and Pregnant

  1. I am so sorry you’re dealing with so much pain right now! It makes me really wish I lived by you so I could bring you some oils that might help. 😦 Praying that all is good with Junebug and can’t wait to hear the news from your first u/s. Hang in there, Sweetie!

      • I’ve been pregnant 5 times, and I’ve had varying levels of morning sickness. I’ve learned only to care about vanishing symptoms. Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about, your ultrasound results are more important then any physical symptoms you may or may not have.
        And, more importantly, remember, often morning sickness doesn’t kick in until the 6th week, so you may still get it!

  2. I am hoping and praying that the old adage “In like a Lion, out like a lamb” plays true here and it just means that your labor and delivery will be slick and easy! 🙂 Hopefully that will make all of this hubbub in the beginning worth the hassle.

    Sending you speedy recovery wishes!!

      • *hugs* I hear ya! Mine are only sore if I’m poking at them (and half the time I’m not sure if its because they are sore, or if it is because I am poking at them. lol) I am sure Junebug is safe and happy tucked in your tummy- snuggling in and wondering what all the commotion out there is!! 🙂 cant wait to hear your update from your ultrasound on Thursday!! 🙂

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling a little better, I will continue praying for you! Don’t worry about not having too many symptoms just yet. I never got any morning sickness until around 8 weeks and it always worried me but my OB would assure me that it was totally normal. Good luck with your first ultrasound Thursday!

  4. I never got any morning sickness or really any pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester. It was unnerving, but you just have to go with it. I hope your ear feels better soon- this ordeal does NOT sound fun.

  5. So hoping you get well soon! That does not seem pleasant, at all! Looking forward to hearing about your u/s update! Symptoms are hard to go off of, especially that early! Hopefully, you’ll get to skip all the yucky ones and just have a happy and wonderful 9 full months! 🙂 XO

  6. No bleeding is good. Also, I didn’t really get nausea until week 8 or so. Focus on getting better, and don’t beat yourself up for not being a symptom obsessive basket-case. Little June-bug is just fine, and I can’t wait for you experience your ultrasound–it’s amazing 🙂

  7. Don’t worry about the lack of pregnancy symptoms, I didn’t have much going on until 7 weeks or so. Work on that ear first!!! =)

  8. I cannot fathom the pain you’ve been in and hope hope hope that everything is on the mend! I will second that I didn’t get discernable “symptoms” until closer to 7-8 weeks. Until then I just felt run down and off, which you would miss in the face of excrutiating pain. Feel so much better!!

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