It has struck

6w4d and the smell of the dinner Chief was cooking sent me running. No vomiting, but plenty of gagging, spitting, and clutching my nauseous belly.

Now a preggie pop, some water, a few saltines, and two tums later and I’m….better.

But not great. So….yeah. That’s tonight. Also, we’re having my mom over tomorrow for dinner to tell her. Gosh I hope I don’t get sick cooking dinner.


13 thoughts on “It has struck

  1. Tummy drops are good too if you like ginger. I also got motion sickness bands which helped. And constant snacking anytime I felt the slightest twinge of nausea. Always keep a little snack handy!

  2. I am going to agree with everyone who said to just keep eating. It seems impossible when you feel sick, but it really does help. Also, the motion sickness bands are amazing–they seem like some crazy witchcraft, but they actually work.

  3. Yep. Always have something nearby to eat and eat it when you feel less sick to avoid feeling the horrible sick. I was at a point where if I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I’d have to go downstairs to eat something because the nausea was starting to hit. It didn’t ease up for me until about week 16.

  4. Hi there. Congrats!! I didn’t say it before because I was in a not-so fun place (chemical #2) and since I am a lurker not saying it before wouldn’t have hurt your feelings. So I will say it now and lurk no more (as in you know I am here, not as in I am going away now that you are preggers). Congrats! I hope the morning sickness goes easy on you. All the best though and I’ll be following along!

  5. Have fun telling your momma! Nothing helped me (well, maybe some ice cold fruit first thing in the AM), so I have no words of wisdom πŸ˜‰ Just enjoy the ride, it will pass! XO

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