Experiences with Morning Sickness

Preface: My MS is not nearly as bad as it could be. It’s mainly rough at night. At night I can’t stand the smell of anything savory. I can hardly get anything down. Last night half a PB&J was a struggle. During the day if I can stay un-hungry I make it through okay.

Here’s the current problem:

My sister’s birthday is next week and my dad wants to go to one of those Japanese Steakhouse’s where they cook in front of you.

Now the deal is, my dad doesn’t know yet. I was going to tell him this weekend, but I forgot about my sister’s birthday. So despite the fact that my sister is a jerk and I don’t like her, I don’t want to be that person who takes the spotlight on someone elses day. So it looks like my dad will wait to hear until we’re closer to nine weeks. Which is fine.

Except how am I supposed to sit through a japanese steakhouse like this? And it’s a bummer, because I LOVE japanese steak house. So much. Although I normally get scallops and I feel like maybe those are off limits now, I could still get other yummy things.

So what I’m thinking I might need to do is call my RE and see if he can prescribe something I can use short term just to get through even that one day, or through any really rough nights. I hadn’t really planned on taking anything because I think I have it pretty easy so far-it’s for sure manageable. But there’s no way it will be in a restaurant full of good smelling food (or, what used to be good smelling food).

Any ideas? What have you guys taken and has it worked? I’m really hopeful my RE will come through for me on this…

Also, my ear feels better today. Definitely not great, but on the mend….again. Hopefully for the LAST TIME.


20 thoughts on “Experiences with Morning Sickness

  1. I don’t have any tips but I am glad to know that you get sick also when you’re hungry. I haven’t vomited yet or gagged, but when I’m hungry, I start to feel SUPER icky and gross. Then, when I do eat, the food just sits there and I feel like it’s not digesting. I wasn’t sure if that was preggo related but seems you’re feeling the same way.

    • Yeah, eating anything isn’t fun. But I cannot eat anything cooked. Anything savory, anything with a smell that I’m sure I once thought was delicious. It’s a big problem. Basically I’m down to a few simple food groups: Cereal, Chips, applesauce, banana’s, and crackers. It’s not good.

  2. I never took an anti nausea because my MS stayed in the manageable range, but wanted to let you know that my midwife cautioned against zofran because there are studies linking it to cleft palate. She recommended taking b12 and a unisom (half of each, I think!) to combat nausea, and that worked when I did have rough days. Other folks I know swear by dicletian.

    • I think the b12 and unisom has been combined into diclegis hasn’t it? I might need to pick up that little combo. Mines the same way-it’s manageable. It’s just rough at dinner time.

      And when you say half a b12-how much is that? I would imagine they sell it in different strengths.

      • Yes, I think you’re right about the diclegis = b12 +unisom thing.
        And google just told me its B6 not 12! But now I can’t find the amount. Maybe a more involved google search would get the result? and hey, you’re a librarian! You know all about this kinda stuff. 🙂

      • Haha what I’m reading is 25-50 mg every 4-6 hours or so. I’m still going to call my doc tomorrow and recommend the diclegis. It’s made in delayed release so you can take two at night and allegedly feel like a human the next day. People on the interwebs apparently LOVE it. Hopefully it won’t be a problem to get just a few for when I know I’m going to need some added support.

      • He seems like a nice man. I would love to eat a real dinner again….maybe he’ll take pity on me. I know GP’s and the like are so hesitant to prescribe stuff to preggo’s, but give a girl a break!

  3. I took diclegis from 8-12 weeks or I would have died. It is not meant to be short term though and is a category A medication. Scallops cooked should be okay but if you are nervous like I am about any fish, definitely get chicken or beef. For me, I needed to keep food in me which included a protein. Salt helped me too.

  4. Yes to vitamin b6! And Preggie pops. And ginger ale but it has to be the kind made with real ginger because it’s the ginger that’s key(or anything else with ginger ) . I had the same thing where letting myself get hungry was a big problem. Carry crackers or other snacks with you at all times! And scallops should be fine as long as they are fully cooked. That is, if you can stomach it! Good luck. I feel for you in this situation.

  5. I did the B6 and half Unisom, and it worked amazingly. It can make you a little sleepy though, which wasn’t an issue for me because I always felt the sickest at night. I would take some around dinner time, or at bedtime. Once I got it in my system as long as I snacked throughout the day I usually felt better.

    As far as the scallops, they’re really low in mercury so they should be fine assuming they’re cooked really well (and really, pregnant Japanese ladies eat raw sushi all the time, and they’re fine, so if it sounds good, I say go for it.)

    • What this tells me is that even if my gp is reluctant to prescribe me this category a drug (even though ive been on category c ear drops for two weeks….) i can do some b6/unisom business. Was it pretty instantaneous? Like you took the combo and felt better in an hour or so?

      • The relief was pretty quick. It was actually my RE who told me to start taking it, at either my 6w or 8w u/s, and I started immediately and didn’t stop until around 17 weeks.

  6. I tried diclegis and it didn’t seem to do anything. I had pretty good luck with ginger though. Gins Gins makes some yummy chewy ginger gummy drops.

  7. I’m glad to hear your ear is feeling a little better today! I don’t have any great suggestions about your sister’s birthday. Could you offer to meet them at an ice cream shop for dessert and forgo the restaurant all together (and have a good excuse as to why that’s happening)? I don’t know. Hugs!

  8. Is maybe take Dramamine cause it’s a “motion sickness” pill but works for nausea in general too. It’s a category b so it’s safe for pregnancy. Otherwise tell everyone you’ve just been not feeling well and push through.

  9. I dealt with HG during my pregnancies, starting way before we wanted to share the news with everyone. One of my best anti-nausea tricks was to put a scent (essential oils) on my wrist (I used apple, lavender, citrus, mint/eucalyptus or ginger depending on the day – some places might have a mixture/combo you like that helps fight nausea) and a tiny bit under my nose to help cover up other odors around me. Bonus with this one is that nobody else can see it, and if they smell it they just think it is your perfume. Best of luck to you!

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