My breasts don’t hurt tonight

Not much anyway. Not like they have been. And I don’t have MS which I thought was the diclegis but now I’m worried. And the frequent urination has decreased.



13 thoughts on “My breasts don’t hurt tonight

  1. Try not to panic. These symptoms can fluctuate and generally means nothing. But praying for peace of mind for you. These early days are particularly stressful and full of anxiety. Big hugs!

      • I did! Remember–your body is learning how to release those hormones and a lot of the tenderness in yiur breasts have to do with growth and development, which is not linear. My biggest anxiety was that I soptted the whole first trimester. It FREAKED ME OUT every. Single. Time. Hang in there girlie!

  2. Symptoms can come and go. I remember days that I felt tooo normal. Then bam, the next day I would be miserable. Try not to panic, however I am a huge advocate for getting checked out early especially when you feel unsure. Praying for a calm mind! Hugs! Xo

  3. During both my pregnancies, my boobs hurt like crazy…for the first couple of weeks and then completely stopped by 7 or 8 weeks.

    Also I had to take zofran with each one as my morning sickness was terrible. (My kiddos turned out just fine, no issues taking it) I remember my morning sickness was terrible and then zofran was like a miracle drug, which then made my worry about not feeling sick. It’s hard, but try not to worry so much mama (way easier said than done, I know 😉)

  4. In 16 weeks I’ve felt nauseous maybe 3 times. Do not panic. And those 3 times didn’t occur until week 14- boobs have been sore off and on but never consistent. Symptoms or the lack of will drive you mad. I worry and obsess about everything- even started therapy because of it- so take my advice and don’t freak like I do.

  5. Whenever I had day like that, I’d skip my MS meds. Then it would come back with a vengeance, I’d be relieved, and then get so sick I’d swear I’d never do it again (but I always did).

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