8 Week Update, Minus the Frustration

I’m less frustrated than I was before. I’ll write something about that later in the week. For now, I’m going to do a weekly update, although I probably won’t do them every week of the pregnancy. It’s taken me this long to remember to start them after all.

How Far Along?: 8 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: Last I checked (a few days ago) none. I had lost two pounds but after I started the diclegis they came back, so I’m happy to be right where I was when we started.

Maternity Clothes?. Nope. Regular clothes. Although I did buy some bigger undies. That became necessary quickly.

Stretch Marks? Nope

Sleep? A lot. Although last night the dogs woke me up and I struggled to fall back asleep.

Best Moment This Week? Probably telling the folks at work. They were so sweet and wonderful, and they really have been down this road with me. We’re a tight knit group, and no one even grumbled that I’d be out next summer, our busiest time.

Movement?: Oh gosh no.

Food Cravings?:  Basically, if you mention a food I want to eat it. It’s how I ended up having Arby’s for dinner last Friday.

Anything making you queasy?: I’m a little queasy after most meals, but the Diclegis has made me able to eat, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Baby Bump?:  Nah. Although I’ve lived my whole life looking three months pregnant, so sure. Let’s say there’s one there.

Gender Prediction?:  Since the first heartbeat was a little low I would guess boy, but who knows. That would be a first in my family, but a girl would be a first for Chief’s.

Labor Signs?: NO. Stay away.

Belly Button In or Out?: In.

Wedding Rings on or off?: On. My engagement ring is off because I knicked the band and it had a piece that was sticking out a scratching me, but we can’t blame that on the baby.

Happy or Moody?: A little of both honestly. I mean, I’m over the moon about the pregnancy, but sometimes I find myself bitchy in a whole new way I’ve never experienced before.

Miss Anything?: Rare steak and Zumba. Anytime one of my Zumba songs comes on in the car I feel a longing to really move my body like that, even though I’m so broke down tired. And rare steak? Well yeah. I mean, who WOULDN’T miss that?

Looking forward to?: Next week’s ultrasound and our first appt with our OB since he was last seen as just my GYN. Still nine days to go.


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